Legend of Ozymandias

“It’s time to die.” Jessica sighed looking at the watch. She shut her eyes and remembered all the good things that had happened in her life and all the mistakes she had made.

At 30, Jessica had seen it all. She was rich, beautiful and famous. In every interview she had ever given, she claimed she would never change a single thing. But now, today, she wondered if she should have said yes to that farm boy who loved her like crazy. Whether she shouldn’t have accepted that nude scene offer that led her to five years in porn. Whether she should have not had that abortion. And biggest of all, whether she should have attempted suicide.

It was only 15 minutes ago that she had taken the pills and their effect was just starting. So was her panic.

She frantically reached for her phone and dialed. A slightly high pitched cheerful voice replied.

“Help!” She said in a high pitched scream.

“Call 911.” The voice replied in a calm tone.

“But.. But.. you said..” She blabbered.

“911” The voice said and cut the phone.

Jessica looked at the phone horrified. She was feeling extremely drousy and could barely see the numbers anymore. She knew that she wouldn’t make it. She dialled the numbers 9,1 and 1 and then dropped her phone. Her eyes closed.

Jessica woke up with a gasp. She coughed and felt sharp pain in her hand. She looked and saw a needle in her arm, attached to a drip. She looked around and captured the setting she was in currently.

She knew she was in a hospital room. The room was mostly empty except for the table on the side that contained a vase with daisies. There was an envelope under tha vase. She tried but couldn’t reach it. On the other side of the bed, machines were making a whirring sound acknowledging her life.

She was alive!

It struck her that she had made it. Her foolishness won’t cost her anything. She sighed and coughed again.

The nurse came to the room.

“You are lucky to be alive.” She said in a very stern tone. She reminded Jessica of her great-aunt. Stern, caring and rough around the edges. Jessica was beside her when she passed. Today, it felt the roles had reversed.

“How did I?” Jessica started.

“Drink some water first.” The nurse said and pulled her up a bit. Jessica took a gulp and then swallowed it in multiple attempts.

“How were you even able to take those pills? You can barely drink water properly.” The nurse said shaking her head.

“I am sorry.” Jessica said instinctively. The nurse looked at Jessica pursing her lips. Jessica read the name on the tag – Monica Jefferson.

Nurse Jefferson checked the monitors once.

“We had actually lost you. When you were found, you were barely breathing. We tried to induce vomit but it didn’t work. In fact, your heart stopped when you were here. Doctor even called the time of death for you. Then, after five minutes, you started breathing again. Slowly, you came back. We don’t even know how that happened. All the drugs in you flushed around 18 hours ago. Took 12 hours. But now, you are fine. You are lucky that you didn’t have any organ injury. If all goes well, you should have a normal life.” Nurse Jefferson said.

“I died?” Jessica said shakily.

Nurse nodded. “But you are fine now. Oh! And you had a visitor too. Fine young man. Really polite.”

“What was his name?”

“William something. He left you these flowers and this note. He was very happy to hear that you were fine.” Nurse said looking at the flowers fondly.

“Can you please pass me the note?” Jessica requested. She had never heard the name William but the name could be an alias or a friend of his.

Nurse picked the note and gave it to Jessica.

“You should be fine in a couple of days. You’re out of danger and we are only keeping you for monitoring.” Nurse Jefferson said while helping Jessica sit.

“Thank you Nurse Monica.” Jessica said and smiled at the nurse.

“Take care.” Nurse said and smiled. Once she was gone, Jessica opened the letter and started reading it.

The letter


If you are reading this, then, I am dead!

I love saying that line. You are alive and soon, you would be well. I asked you to call 911 because you can be cared for in a hospital only. My friend William will visit you and help you through the transition. Also, you can ask him how to pay for my service.

It’s your second life and I hope you enjoy it better than your first one.

– Ozy

PS – Now, two people have died for your sins. 😉

PPS – There are a list of rules as there always are. Check the back of this letter.

She laughed a little reading the letter – a laugh of relief. He had come through. She turned the letter and started to read the rules. Her expressions changed with every sentence. She was smiling reading the first line and by the time she reached the end of the letter, she was horrified and scared. Tears had started to flow from her eyes.

“I should have died.” Jessica said crying into her pillow.