Tales of a Clumsy Girl

#4: Rotten Parched Lips

Mansi touched her lips and was annoyed.

“Damn these rotten parched lips.” She said and reached for her lip balm. As usual, it was just out of her reach. She stretched her arm and before she could balance her feet on the ground, the wheels of the chairs moved backwards and she was flying towards the ground.

She saved her face by placing her hand on the ground and heard a crunching sound.

“Ouch!” Mansi said and checked her wrist. It had survived but was hurting.

The lip balm was also on the ground, now finally in her reach. She picked it and smeared them on her lips.

“Mansi! Why are you putting lipstick while lying on the ground? Some new style.” A guy said laughing. A few others joined him as Mansi got up. She smiled at others and turned back to her desk.

“Damn these rotten parched lips.”