The 100 Sketch Challenge

This July, I turned 30. And my parent’s gifted me a wonderful gift that I didn’t like one bit. But, like any other adult, I sucked up and accepted their gift graciously.

Screen Shot 2018-08-12 at 3.39.06 AM

Yeah, no. I cried about the gift and created the same fuss that I used to create 25 years ago. Now, my parents love me (and not just because it’s legally required) so they gave me some money to buy whatever present I wanted. They, of course, knew what I will buy.

My eyes were set on the new iPad (6th gen).

Screen Shot 2018-08-12 at 3.42.23 AM

It’s a gorgeous device and I have been drooling over it since the day it launched. It had an awesome screen and it supported Apple Pencil and I would love to read my books and comics on it. There wasn’t a single bad thing I could think about it and to me, it was perfect.

Thus, I was all set to buy it. And then, I couldn’t. Don’t get me wrong. I did try to buy it. I even ordered it once and then canceled the order.

You see. Even I love my parents. Thus, I couldn’t spend their hard earned money on a whim. And I knew it was a whim. How? See, any purchase should fulfill 3 criteria to not be a whim purchase –

a. You want it.
b. You need it.
c. You deserve it.

Unfortunately, I don’t fulfill all of it. I want the iPad badly. However, I already have an iPad mini 2 which serves all of my purposes like reading books and comics.

ipad mini 2 photo

My trusty iPad mini 2

The advantage the new iPad gives is that it supports Apple pencil and I rationalized that it would be great for my artistic interests. With the Apple pencil, I could draw whenever I wanted and I could share my drawings and improve my skills.

Voila! Problem 2 solved. Sadly, I couldn’t get past problem 3.

You see, I’m not an artist. The last time I drew a sketch was probably in my engineering drawing class ten years ago. Thus, when I ordered the iPad, my whole essence retaliated and I had to cancel the order. So, now, I had two choices –

a. Stop wanting iPad
b. Become an artist

As you can see, the second choice is clearly the easier one. Thus begins my 100 sketch challenge. I believe that if I can make 100 sketches, I will become deserving of the iPad. If you are looking for logic here, please see this –

Screen Shot 2018-08-12 at 3.39.06 AM

Let’s begin with the rules then. They are simple –

a. I will buy the iPad only after I have made 100 sketches. The sketches can be anything like drawing or doodles.
b. I will finish the 100 sketches this year itself.
c. I will not give more than 30 minutes on one sketch.

Thus, I have less than 120 days to make 100 sketches. The reason for the second rule is that if I can’t finish them in this much time, I clearly am not interested in sketching. I don’t know how I will start and where I will go from there. I will upload the sketch once it’s finished. If I’m lagging, I will try to make more than one in a day. However, one sketch will be 30 minutes only. The reason for this is that frankly, I don’t have time. This challenge is to buy an iPad and not to become an artist.

I’m a word person and not a visual person anyway. Also, I’m working on a novella which will take more of my time. And there’s, of course, my first love – technology – which is both my day job and one of my side project. So, I can give 30 minutes for one sketch.

If I fail, I get the present my parents want.
If I succeed, I get the present I want.

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