Tales of a Clumsy Girl

#7 Elevator Escalation

“Defender is the worst product ever,” Mansi said chomping down on her eggs.

“What?” She asked looking at the stunned faces in front of her.

“Nothing. I was just saying that he worked in Defender before.” Mansi’s colleague said pointing towards his left. The person on the left had his hand frozen trying his best to smile.

“Oh, I didn’t mean it that way. Windows defender is still better than Update software,” Mansi said in full damage control.

“I worked in Update after Defender,” he said finally chewing up his food. The color drained from Mansi’s face and the whole table roared with laughter.

“I hate this,” Mansi said to her friend as they entered the elevator.

“Hate what? Saying wrong things at the wrong time.” Her friend said laughing.


“It’s okay. Now, focus on the project.”

“Thanks for reminding about that,” Mansi seethed.

“You are welcome. Why the long face?” The friend said amused.

“You know why? I hate Neha.”

On cue, the door opened and in front of Mansi stood Neha. Neha went inside the elevator as Mansi came out.

“Why does this happen to me? I hate this.” Mansi wailed.