Random Tales

kpwrites #1

It’s dark and a little damp. The raccoon looks at the bright green eyes shining at him. It knows it should be scared but for some reason, the eyes attract it. It slowly moves towards the eyes which increase in number from two to three – the third eye glowing orange between the two green ones. It is a little higher than the green pair and the glow is increasing continuously. The raccoon is scared but still continues to move towards the eyes. It squeals in terror as it’s feet continue to pounce towards the eyes.

The raccoon jumps and the eyes vanish. Raccoon looks around but can’t find anything. In front of it, there is a piece of meat that it starts to devour, the thought of those green-orange eyes forgotten.

In a distance, the three eyes open again – two green and one orange. The pupil of the orange eye enlarges it seems to suck the light around it. An aura forms around the raccoon – which slowly moves towards the orange eye.

The orange eye feeds on the aura and closes. The green eyes close as well.

The raccoon continues chomping on the meat.