Story Collection - Chaalbaaz


Gaurav woke up with a start. He checked around and found himself in a bathtub filled with ice. He was still wearing his watch on his left hand while a weird note was hanging from his right wrist. It was at least 8 hours since he had passed out. It can be 1 day and 8 hours too or even more. Gaurav tried to bring his right hand closer to read the note but could not. It stayed limp.

Gaurav looked around and found himself in some kind of abandoned apartment building. He was in a room larger than the bathroom.

“Perhaps some customised room for torture.” Gaurav thought while trying to move himself out of the bathtub. His whole body was numb from cold so he could barely move. However, each step shot two searing pains around his waist. Panicked, he looked down and saw two sharp cuts on his stomach. They had been sewed shut hastily. Gaurav realised that he was a victim of Kidney theft. Someone had tried to steal his kidneys.

Finally, Gaurav picked himself up and out of the tub. It took a few minutes before his body could warm itself up enough for movement to come properly. The right hand however, remained limp. Gaurav picked out the note from his right hand, half-knowing what he was gonna read.

“Why don’t you have any kidneys? WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU?”

The note read. Gaurav sighed. At least one person in the world now suspects something, perhaps even more. He hoped that the callousness would not cost him too much.

He found his clothes along with his cellphone in the next room. Apparently, once his captors could not find the kidney, they were in a hurry to run. There were 27 missed calls on his phone — all from the lab. He sighed with relief! It was only 8 hours since he was MIA.

He left the building and took a taxi to his home.

Finally, he decided to give the lab a call.

“Where were you?”, the voice said worried.

“Got kidnapped.” Gaurav said calmly.

“What? By competitors?” the voice immediately asked.

“No, some kidney stealers.”

“Oh! They know the truth now. How could you be so careless?” the voice said, losing all care in the tone.

“Relax! They got too scared to know the truth. They probably think I am some sort of devil.”

“Oh.. Alright. Come to the labs right away. We will give you a thorough checkup. We have to see if your kidneys are working fine.”

“Ok. I personally think they are working great. I think this technology should be made global.”

“The world is not ready yet. Bye Sir.” the voice said and the phone got disconnected.

At the labs, Gaurav got a full body scan and immediately, the machine told that he was not as fine as he thought.

“One of your kidneys has failed. It is the cold from the ice perhaps.” Doctor informed him.

“Alright doctor. Please change it.” Gaurav said nonchalantly.

“It won’t be easy. We will need to change both as only a pair can work together. Also, we will need at least 24 hours to miniaturise them. Not to mention finding a donor.”

“That is why I give you money doctor. Because I don’t want to know about these things. What interest I have in knowing who gave the set or whether they are put in the rib cage. The important thing is that I have these kidneys that work 10 times better than the normal ones.”

“Right sir. I will see if the last consignments of babies have a match for you. If there is, we will immediately extract the kidneys for the miniaturisation procedure.”

“Good.” Gaurav said as he remembered the first time he heard about this technology.

— –

“Sorry sir. Your both kidneys have failed. The only way to save you is an experimentative technology.” The voice had told him.

“Anything.” Gaurav said.

“Alright. We will take the kidneys from a new-born baby, not more than 3 days old and shrink them. The young kidneys are more adaptable for the procedure and the shrinking helps in improving its capabilities by up to 10 times. Also, this pair, about the size of grapes, will be put beside your lungs as they need more blood and would put a strain on your heart otherwise. Also, the procedure is completely illegal and very costly.”

“Anything.” Gaurav said again.