Story Collection - Chaalbaaz


Nishant was panting but still kept running. He did not have time. He had to reach Samira to ensure she was alright. He could not believe that he doomed her as well.

As a boy, Nishant was cursed by a Godly personality that he would have only one person in his life whom he loves and who loves him back. Although, initially, he was a little scared but as time passed and nothing happened, he started believing that it was just an old man’s rant that he had took a little too seriously.

However, he soon realised that it had started to show off its effects in different ways. Some of his close friends started leaving him for some reason or the other. The biggest setback was his father’s death. Nishant felt that the curse was closing in on him and as this circle becomes smaller, the people close to him decrease and the circumstances become more horrific.

After his father’s death, only Nishant and his mother were left. Around 5 years passed before he would again face the wrath of the curse. It was his third relationship, one year old by then when he felt something in his heart that he had never felt before, longing for someone. Samira told him that she loved him. The most joyous occasion of his life!

And then the phone rang.

“Hello!” Nishant said giddily.

“Hello. Is this Nishant?” A sincere voice asked urgently.

“Yes, this is he.” Nishant said panicked realising the implication of what just happened.

“My name is Richa. I am calling from Jupiter Hospital. Your mother had a sudden heart attack. We could not save her.” Richa said with sympathy.

Nishant could not think anything clearly. The only thing going through his mind was the curse. He immediately went to the hospital and only after a few weeks that he met Samira. He told Samira everything and it was visible that Samira didn’t believe a word he had said. Even after all this, somehow, they ended up together. Their marriage was almost perfect except for the fear of impending doom Nishant lived with every day. He loved her with all his life and could not believe that there would ever be a scenario when something bad would happen. Yet, he would often sleep afraid that even a momentarily lapse in his judgement might destroy his life. He did not know the extent or exact mechanism on which this curse worked but he knew that the people closest to his heart suffered the worst. His father and mother had died, his best friend’s wife left him saying she loved Nishant. Nishant did not even know that but his best friend could never talk to Nishant again. The people who were safe were ones who tormented him to no end.

And the history might repeat itself again. Nishant thought as he ran from corridor to corridor to reach the room where his dear wife was sleeping a while back.

Unfortunately, as soon as he reached there, he realised that he was too late. Doctors and nurses were there and he was told that Samira collapsed suddenly and could not be saved.

He was let inside and there she was, peacefully sleeping, another victim of the curse that had engulfed his whole life. He felt like a murderer. He sat beside her and held her hand.

A few days had passed since he came back from the hospital. The whole house was in shambles as Samira handled the whole house. Nishant could not understand how she was able to handle everything in addition to the high profile marketing job that she did. He was failing on all levels. His phone kept buzzing, ringing, pinging almost without any gap. Sometimes, there were consolation messages and other times, work related mails (he was working from home these days). He usually skipped looking at most until some urgent mail came along. Messages, he skipped almost entirely. He had dedicated one hour each day in the evening to replying them.

‘Buzzzzzzz…..’ His phone gave a long vibration telling him he had a new set of mails and messages. He looked at the notifications and closed the phone as he was busy with boiling water. However, he immediately went back to the phone realising that there was a mail from Samira’s id.

The subject said — ‘I love you’

Hey love,

I know you think I never believed in your curse but I did. So, please don’t accuse yourself of anything. I loved you with all my life and I know that you love me too. Also, I never discussed it with you but I knew that this risk was always present that I might come second on your list.

I was afraid that you would panic so I never shared by belief with you. However, since the day I found out that I was pregnant, I didn’t expect to survive the delivery. Since that day, I have been writing this mail, tweaking it every day that I survived. To be honest, I was actually surprised that I lasted three days till delivery. You took a long time to fall in love with our child.

Take care of her. She is breathtaking and everything that we ever wanted in life. I know that you love her the most in the world (me being the case in proof :P) but also, don’t screw her up with too much love. A little stern looks would go a long way in making her a good person.

I love you Nishant. I will miss you. Hopefully, there is an afterlife where I will meet you again.


PS: There are a couple of more emails, one for our baby when she is 18 (cliche, I know but couldn’t resist ;)..) and another one for you. Muaahhh!

Nishant finished as tears kept flowing from his eyes. He re-read it a couple of more times and then kept the phone down as Samaira started crying.