Story Collection - Chaalbaaz

Unforgettable journey; Forgettable destination

Chinmay checked his phone once more, looking at the time passed, as he realized that fate has finally decided to screw up with him. Karma has come to bite him in the ass and the best he could do was hope that he would make it in time.

“I have five minutes, I hope.” Chinmay motivated himself.

He returned back to his room as his last attempt failed miserably. It was time to chalk out another plan to succeed, for failure wasn’t an option. Amidst all the chaos, his phone rang.

“Are you coming?” the voice asked from the other side.

“Not a good time buddy.” Chinmay said and cut the phone. “Back to the drawing board.” He said to himself and moved back to the table, his ass still clenched from the previous attempt.


“Come on Chinmay, you are really saying to me that you can’t do this much for me?” Julianne said in a twinkling voice.

Chinmay grimaced. He hated when women did that. Put a guy in a no-win situation and then enjoy the show. Here they were sitting in an expensive Mexican restaurant with a waiting list for 2 days. However, this wasn’t enough. She wanted more. Heck! He doesn’t want do it for her. But can he tell her that. Of course not. He wants to get laid after all.

“Sweetheart, for you, I can do anything you want. But what you are asking is a tall order.” Chinmay tried to reason with Julianne.

“I thought nothing was impossible for you. Or are you also like everyone else.” Julianne said while playing with her hair.

‘Damn her hair.’ Chinmay thought giving in.

“Alright. I will get you that necklace.”


Chinmay had made a promise and now he had to pay the price. He was back again in the field. He moved from one corridor to another stealthily and slowly. He didn’t want anyone to see him. He knew the risks were high and he did not want to make a mistake. More importantly, he did not want anyone to catch him if something went wrong.

The door was closed, again!

‘Shit.’ Chinmay thought immediately regretting it.

‘I should be more careful. That almost came out loud. Also, perhaps the door in unlocked.’ Chinmay thought hopefully.

Holding his breath, Chinmay slowly tried to push the door. He did not want to make any sound and refrained from knocking. The door did not budge.

Desolate, Chinmay kept standing still. He realized that he was holding his breath still. He exhaled it, more sharply than he had wanted and recognized his mistake immediately.

‘No more time left. I have to make a run for it.’ Chinmay thought and started running towards the stairs.

“Hey!” said a guy as Chinmay shoved him aside while barely acknowledging the girl beside him. This was no time for niceties. Chinmay took three stairs at a time hopping like a rabbit.

Without thinking, he pushed the door and luckily for him, this door was open. He entered and turned to lock the door but realized he did not have time for that. At blinding speed, he opened his pants and sat down.

“I shouldn’t have eaten those many spicy burritos, not even if the prize was a stupid necklace, that could get me laid. Never again.” Chinmay said as he saw Gogo’s message on his phone.

‘Where are you?’ The message said.

Finally relieved, Chinmay started to type his response.