Story Collection - Chaalbaaz

GR Corp.

“Welcome to GR Corp. Press 1 for English…”

“Urgghhh… The stupid IVRS. I just want to find the man I have to kill. Why do I have to press 1 for that.” Anshul shouted at the phone.

He loved his iPhone but he hated GRC. The company he works for is notorious for being bureaucratic. In fact, the inside joke was that the average human age was increasing because of the firm’s red-tape.

“Please press 9 to talk to customer service executive.” The machine replied in the voice of Marilyn Monroe. He loved the voice before it was used for the automatic voice system in GRC.

The interface was a new one and was established only a year before, when Anshul was four years old in the company.

He still remembered his first assignment very well. He was given an iPhone for that assignment’s success after all. The task was not a complicated one, but it required precision. Especially since Anshul had never killed a man before. The only murders he knew about were violent and messy, the ones he saw on news or in movies.

This, however, was something different. The first rule was that no death should be unnatural. If a person dies in a car-crash, you are screwed. If a person drowns, you are screwed. If a person slits his wrists, oh boy, you are royally screwed.

Marilyn had almost gotten his boss fired.

It has to look natural. At least as natural has been defined by humans.

“Hello Sir, how may I help you?” The voice on the other end changed from Marilyn to a droning.

“My name is Anshul and my id is 29071988. Can you please tell me who is my victim for today?” Anshul almost pleaded.

“Sure sir, please let me check.” The voice said.

You see, humans are immortal. It was the first mutation that human gene did when it came into existence. Not unlike Jelly fishes that people are all rage about. This created a huge problem of resource shortage. Almost within a few centuries, almost every species was close to extinction. Only because 500 year old humans were still roaming the face of the earth.

Grim Reaper Corporation took it upon themselves to get rid of this problem. A secret organization, it was built only with one idea in mind — Keep the population of humans under check.

The task was not an easy one as most humans did not understand how they were suddenly dying. In fact, the company was almost exposed because of this. However, around 3500 years ago, a man came up with a solution. It was mixed in the air in large quantities that made humans addicted to it and ensured that they would start deteriorating. In the honour of that man Oxos, it was named Oxygen.

The formula was so addicting that within a few generations, the human body became dependent on it. Without it, humans started to die within a few minutes. That was probably the biggest success of GR Corp.

Now, if they do not breathe oxygen, they die and if they breathe it, their bodies deteriorating. In fact, the stuff was so good, that immortal humans ended with a life-span of 100 odd years.

The work was still not completed as the balance has to be maintained and new medicines are reducing the impact of Oxygen. Thus, reapers come with new and innovative ways to kill people — Heart Attack, Cancer, Pulmonary edema and what not.

Old people are easier to kill as it is now assumed that 80–100 years is the general lifespan. Young ones, well, fats are helping us in that and then when Cancer was invented, it became a good tool to just take anyone. That is how Anshul took out Steve Jobs and got his first iPhone.

That was his first kill.

— —

Anshul’s journal — Page 1

Steve Jobs — founder, visionary, fraud — many names have been given to him but for Anshul, he would always remain his first.

Cancer is one of the first forms of weapons taught to us and I decided to use that. Took me years but it was worth the effort. Since then, I have killed hundreds, if not thousands. But the first one remains the first one.

— —

“Sir, your next kill is a man named Donald Trump.” The person on the other side finally replied.

“Thank you.” Anshul said and started thinking about the ways to start the process. Normally, a murder took anything between a few days to a few years. Thus, each reaper had a few murders going in parallel. They just have to ensure that the yearly quota is complete. Some reapers used natural disasters to complete the quota.

Anshul had not yet used it and hoped to never resort to that method.

“So, Mr. Trump. How would you like to die?” Anshul said as he collected information on Donald Trump. While it was not a necessary activity, it helped in creating the setup. Give a smoker a cancer and a fat person heart attack. The trends help in keeping anonymity. Humans accept the things as they are if patterns are consistent.

“I know. I have the perfect plan for you Mr. Trump and the best part is, you are going to spring the trap yourself.” Anshul said with a glint in his eyes.

— —

“This is just in. Donald Trump has decided to stand for President.” One news channel flashed.

“In other news, Presidency is the most dangerous job in US.” Another news channel flashed.

— —

“The most stressful job in the world. Let’s see how long you last Donald.” Anshul said smiling.