Story Collection - Chaalbaaz


The old gods have died. It was not a pretty sight. Nevertheless, it happened.

People do not believe it. I don’t force them for it. People should believe what they want to believe in. Who am I to force them into believing this, even if it might be the truth.

To be honest, I don’t think I even want people to know the truth. What if they believe me? What if they ask me how? Can I really tell them the truth?

I had to kill them. In my defence, it was necessary. A new order can only be established once order of the old is removed. Only in the mess of chaos can an order be established. I had to create that mess. I had to destroy the old gods so that new ones can take their place.

I hope if the people find out the truth they would forgive me. They would understand that I had no choice.

Who am I?

My name is Kunal and I am the Godslayer.

— —

The sound of crying woke up Kunal’s mother. She picked up the child and the child erupted in giggles looking at his mother.

“Oh my god. It was again a ploy to play. You are a very naughty child Kunal.” His mother said kissing him on the cheek. Kunal kept playing in his mother’s lap.

Years later, he would come to regret these beautiful moments of his life. All he would remember is the torture he gave his tired mother. But for now, he was happily making his mother walk around the village so that he could enjoy the cool breeze.

— —

“You have to go Kunal. You have to get trained. It is the only way.” Kunal’s father told him without mincing any words.

“No! I won’t leave you and mother alone.” Kunal said in an equally stubborn voice.

At the age of fifteen, the village mage had asked the Gods if Kunal could be trained by the higher powers. Not only the boy had huge potential, but he was a pure hearted creature. Rare combination in these uncertain times.

The Gods agreed. He was given over to Okiana, the goddess of the seas. He was to leave the land for 10 years and learn the arts of life in the depths of the deepest ocean.

Kunal did not like the terms and rejected them.

The Gods did not like this. For the past six days, each water source had been salty and the food was rotting even before it could be harvested.

“Kunal… Come, let’s walk.” Kunal’s mother said and took his hand in hers.

— —

It has been five years since Kunal saw his mother last.

He could still remember the last time they took the stroll around the village. He was too big for her to carry but she still took her hand every time they walked around the village. Even before they had started he knew she would convince him. And she did.

He had hated every moment here. Yet, he pushed on hoping to see his parents once the ten years have passed.

Sometimes, his mind wandered into the idea that his parents might have died. He killed such thoughts immediately. His only motivation to keep going was his mother’s last words –

“We, your father and I, will wait for you. In this world or next. Forever. You are our everything. Remember that and make us proud. Make us immortal. Don’t just learn from the Gods. Go! become a God.”

He trained harder than all the others combined. His mother never told her to go for the village or for even himself. She told him to go for them- his ma and pa.

— —

“You brought this upon yourself Levid. You are not getting forgiveness, never!” Kunal said and tore Levid apart with his bare hands.

Levid, the God of nature, screamed and then became still. The world was not going to bloom in any order any more. Randomness would begin and unless someone took the responsibility, it would rule.

Grithe, Levid’s mother, and the goddess of death, looked at her son’s lifeless eyes, disbelieved by what she was seeing.

“How? He was immortal. You killed him. Why?” She said incoherently.

Kunal simply looked at her and then turned away. He would not kill her. Despite what she did, she was after all, a mother.

“Why?” Grithe repeated sobbing in his son’s golden robes.

“I owed him a debt. This was my repayment.”

— —

“There is no other way. We have to wage a war against him. He has killed a god.” Gifth, the war god said.

“I understand what you are saying. But can we even take him down?” Enja, the ruler of Gods asked his brethren.

“My lord, we cannot.” Okiana said.

“You trained him too well.” Fiord, the sun god quipped.

“Perhaps. However, it was Levid who unleashed him.” Okiana said.

“Don’t judge Levid on human scale, Okiana.” Grithe said, livid.

“My apologies Grithe. But I believe what he did was wrong. If I was on land, I would have never let this happen.”

“So, he killed Kunal’s parents. What is the big fuss in that? Humans die all the time.” Ereb, the god of joy said.

“That is true Ereb, but not the complete truth. “ Okiana said turning towards Ereb. “Levid killed them alright. But…”

— —

“My lord Kunal. The Gods have taken to full assault. They refuse to stop.” Jeema said to Kunal. He was the lieutenant of his army. An army that constituted three members including Jeema.

“Is Okiana with them?” Kunal asked.

“No my lord.” Jeema said.

Kunal looked up and simply nodded. Jeema had known Kunal since his childhood. The biggest prankster, Kunal’s laughter was famous in the whole village. Now, he had not seen a more morose face. His body had more cuts than a sheep mauled by lions. His eyes were gaunt, reeking of death. His hair were white like fear.

When he had came to the village after 10 years, he was the most handsome man Jeema had ever seen. At 25, he had the built of a bull and yet, his eyes had the same twinkle that he had when he had left. His face was more haggard and showed the hardships that he had faced. But joy had not left them.

In the past one year, he had changed from that to this. Jeema did not even know if Kunal was human anymore. Can any human kill a god? Can any human kill a hundred?

Kunal had killed a hundred gods in the past six months. The first six months, he had given to searching Levid, finally killing him.

Jeema was the only one then who believed Kunal did the right thing. Even now, most people do not believe that the gods are dying. Most think Kunal has gone mad.

Maybe he has. Even Jeema could not deny the fierceness of those eyes. But Kunal was not lying. Jeema could not deny what he was seeing with his own eyes.

Jeema however still thought sometimes. If only Levid had not decided to punish Kunal’s parents for his insubordination.

Jeema still remembered the day Kunal had gone to Goddess Okiama. Within hours, Levid had come to their village, in all his glory.

The whole village saw him going to Kunal’s house. Jeema was a kid then, only twelve years old. He heard screams coming from Kunal’s house and ran towards it.

Jeema will never be able to erase the memory of that moment.

Kunal’s father was torn and split in two, blood gushing out and mixing with the dirt. Levid’s hand were red as he laughed looking at the whole village.

“His son defied the gods by saying no. He deserves no life, in this world or the next.”

Levid then moved towards Kunal’s mother.

Jeema clearly remember the look of defiance in Kunal’s mother’s eyes. In that moment, Jeema knew why Kunal loved her so much and why Kunal was chosen by the gods. Her husband was dead, she was facing a certain death and yet, she stood tall.

“You think your son can become a god. You fool woman!” Levid sneered.

“He will become more than a god. He will be better than you all. You can kill us but that won’t stop Kunal. This…” Kunal’s mother pointed towards her husband. “… only make you a monster.” Kunal’s mother said in a loud, clear voice.

“Oh I won’t kill you. Don’t get me wrong. You will die a thousand deaths. But I won’t kill you. Not right now.” Levid said and vanished. So did Kunal’s mother.

No one could find her before Kunal came back to the village. Learning about the events he went on a quest to find her.

He came back a changed man. His hair had turned white, his eyes were fierce and he did not look at things naturally. He only talked about his mother once when Jeema asked about her.

“Okiana freed my mother of mortal chains when she found her. I have thanked her for that. My mother has joined my father. I have killed Levid.”

After that, he never talked about his parents.

— —

I didn’t go after the gods. They came for me. I would have lived a happy life, with my family. I had no ambitions. I still don’t have any desires.

Jeema would create a better order. Okiana is training him to become the new god ruler. As for me — I am not god.

I could not fulfil my mother’s dream. I am simply a Godslayer.