Story Collection - Chaalbaaz

The Truth of Lucifer

“So, how do we tell him?” I asked Slavo.

“I have no idea. He won’t be pleased and I don’t want to be the messenger.” Slavo said while rechecking all the figures.

“Are you sure?” I asked Slavo.

“No, I just made this shit up because it is so wonderful.” Slavo said annoyed.

“Alright… Alright… Don’t bite me.” I replied.

“You have to tell him. He loves you the most.” Slavo said.

“Nonsense.” I said.

“You know its true. Go tell him now.” Slavo said.

— —

“Err.. God.. sir.. God..” Darshit said stuttering. “May I come in?”

“Oh hi Darshit. Come in, come in. Look what I am making.” God invited Darshit to his chambers.

There was a figurine of a large creature that was moving slowly on the table.

“I will call it a dinosaur. This would be my greatest creation.” God said proudly.

“Sir, you have already created them once. You put them on planet Earth.” Darshit reminded him.

“Oh really! And how did they fare?”

“They got destroyed when you were playing marbles. One of them bounced off and hit Earth.”

“Sad Indeed. In that case, I will put them on the planet again. It was my fault so I will rectify it.” God said.

“Yeah… About that. We recently located planet Earth for ahem.. research purposes. I don’t think we can put the dinosaurs there anymore.” Darshit said sweating slightly.

“Why?” God asked.

“It is already inhabited by humans.”

“Humans, what?”

“You created them sometime ago. Adam and Eve, you named them.” Darshit said, bracing himself.

“THOSE IDIOTS!” God thundered.

“They are still alive. Did their kill switch stopped working?” God asked.

“They are not alive. Their kill switch worked on the right time. However, before that, they reproduced their offsprings. The chain continues.” Darshit said.

“I will kill them myself. How many are their, five or ten?” God asked.

“Around 7 billion.”


“Yeah. They kind of enjoy the process of reproduction. They do it even if they don’t want an offspring. Some even do it alone. Others enjoy it with their own gender.”

“But, how does it even work?” God said completely flabbergasted.

“I don’t think it is an important point. The important thing is that they thrive and now, we have to guide them.” Darshit said cautiously.

God looked at him incredulously.

“After what they have done. Never!” God said.

“It was long time ago. It was just an apple.” Darshit said.

“You know that apple was the seed for a new planet. It set my plans to create a four-dimensional beings back by so much.

“I know my lord. But you finally were able to do it. Its time to move on.”

“Its not just about the apple and you know it. I would have forgiven them about it. But then they go ahead and blame you — my first and best creation — my son. I mean come on. Be brave and take some responsibility. But no, it is Darshit’s fault. He is the Lucifer. They called you Lucifer. How can you not be mad at them?”

Lucifer was the lowest insult that anyone can cast on an angel. Darshit knew that and it had hurt him immensely but over the course of so many years, his heart had purified itself. The fact that he was made of pure joy helped. Unfortunately, God didn’t have that advantage. He was simply made of everything — Joy, Hate, Death and everything else in between. He did not forgive easily. Forget maybe, but never forgive.

“My lord, they now are repentant about eating the apple. They praise you day and night. If they see you, they would love you.” Darshit tried to pacify him.

“Really! That is interesting. And what do they say about you. Have they apologised to you?” God asked Darshit.

“Err.. some have started to apologise.” Darshit fumbled with words.

“Really! I will see for myself.” God said and looked on.

“So… They apologised, you said.” God said looking at Darshit. Darshit looked down sheepishly.

“They call you devil and blame you for everything. They think you and me are fighting over them…” God said angrily.

“Well technically we are right now, aren’t we?” Darshit said trying to lighten the mood.

“You are too naive my son. But I will not have this. They will pay for their sins. They will be destroyed.”

“Please my lord. Let them be. I am sorry I brought this up. Please forget about them.” Darshit pleaded.

God looked at Darshit and calmed down a bit.

“Oh I will punish them. How dare they vilify you! You said they love the act of reproduction, right. I will make them fear it. They like to name things evil, right. Let them name this.”

God created a virus out of nowhere and before Darshit could stop him, he sent it to the planet.

“What will it do?” Darshit finally asked.

“Oh, not much. It will simply kill the fight in them. They would be eaten up by the creatures around them, inside them. Even a small bacteria would become a deadly creature to these humans. And it would travel by their favourite activity. Let’s see how long they last now.”

Darshit left God and told Slavo what had transpired.

“So, now what?” Slavo asked.

“Now, humans actually have a reason to hate me.” Darshit said.