Story Collection - Chaalbaaz

And Thus They Attacked

The year was 2017, July and the date was 29. That was the day when one of humanities biggest question was answered — “Are we alone in universe?”

The answer — ‘No’

We finally contacted a species that did not have its origins rooted in Earth. The Kiptch race was born on different planet billions of light-years away from our Earth. Despite this, they were quite adept at handling our climate and environment. There was no War of the Worlds — unfortunately.

I so wish that it was possible. They were more prepared than that. They were….

“Stop narrating the damn recorder and help me out here.” Shama said in the midst of an explosion.

Vishal stopped the recorder and looked sheepishly at Shama.

“Sorry! I just want future generations to understand.”

“Future generations. Ha!” Shama said as she used her Aqua-vaporiser.

She was right. Vishal thought and started moving his hands quickly. He checked his oxygen level. It was slightly higher than he had expected. Especially since he had been babbling for the past 15 minutes.

“You shouldn’t have quit. You are not made for war.” Shama said to Vishal as she pulled him towards the trench.

“I had to.” Vishal said passionately.

He heard John’s voice over the earpiece — “It’s 2100 hours, year 2018, December 15th. We have recaptured Los Angeles. I repeat. We have recaptured Los Angeles.”

Vishal heard a loud shout in the ear piece soon after. They had few victories now and each was cherished.

Vishal wanted to call it an inter-galactic war but in reality, it was an ambush. The human race was taken by surprise and what was considered a threat to future generations suddenly changed into a race for survival for the current generation itself. 2017 was the year when humans found out that aliens are real.

2017 was also the year the Kiptch celebrated their 25th anniversary on Earth, by attacking the humans.

“You think we will be able to keep it?” Vishal asked Shama shutting the others out.

“LA? No, but at least we got it for now.” Shama said bluntly. Vishal liked this about her. She was honest and yet gentle.

Los Angeles was one of the primary targets for the aliens. It was one of the first points to be attacked. Maybe the aliens thought humans would expect an attack on New York and went for LA first. LA of course, folded like a man playing against a Royal Flush.

“Why do you think we can’t hold it?” Vishal asked Shama.

“It was the first place they attacked. I expect them to have strongest fortifications around that area. Besides, LA is completely submerged and most of the buildings are destroyed. We won’t have any tactical or strategic advantages in LA. The only reasons we are still in this war is because the Kiptch have no affinity for land.”

The attack did not come from the sky. In fact, it was not even an attack by an army. It was the outcome of a plan set in motion by Kiptch as soon as they arrived on the planet. We even had a name for the attack — Global Warming!

They had a population of 5000 when they arrived on Earth. Immediately, they took shelter in the sea. The level of the sea has been increasing at a faster pace since then. The overall temperature also started to increase. Basically, we helped them get a warm climate by increasing temperature. They helped themselves to make it even more conducive for the Kiptch.

When the attack happened, the total Kiptch population on the planet was expected around 150,000,000. It seems small but they had the whole ocean behind them. The advanced technology that they had ensured that they had the upper hand. Also, we cannot attack them with out best weapon — Nuke. Too much water.

And thus, we were in an all out attack against an opponent which was technologically superior, had a higher.. err.. lower.. err.. better ground in the war and had 25 years of intel on us.

We would lose this war.

“Do you think it would have been better if we had accepted their conditions?”

“Better than this. Obviously!”

When they had first come out, it was not to fight but with a request and a threat. We did not fulfil the request and thus they executed the threat.

Being the President of the Earth, I was there when the lord of the Kiptch had made the formal request.

“Can you please stop putting all the waste in ocean? We will help you in the task. If not, we will have to clean up the ocean’s pollution and its cause ourselves.” He had said.

“If only the head of the nations would have listened to you.” Shama said and looked at Vishal with a dejected smile.