Random Tales

Promised Proposal

It took Majib three hours to realize that he was in love. That was the length of the operation. Zahira was beautiful, smart and dedicated to her life of helping people. He worked in analytics and had the bare minimum knowledge of medicine. Which meant he couldn’t differentiate between a pain killer and a kid’s orange candy.

He was merely a patient who was in deep pain. When the operation ended in three hours, he knew she had done everything in her power to save him. He was given local anesthesia and he kept looking at her for the whole operation. Her dedication smitten him and her look of concentration devoured him.

‘I will marry her one day,’ he promised himself.

After the operation, he was put in his room and she came after a few hours.

“How do you feel?” She asked.

“I’m good. I feel like I can do anything,” Majib said with more confidence than he was feeling.

“You are brave,” Zahira said. She had a faint smile on her face which flickered frequently. She kept her hand on his.

“I’m sorry. The operation was unsuccessful. Your liver is almost gone and the new liver didn’t respond well. We can’t do anything anymore.”

Her voice was hoarse and her words had come out sputtering.

“I’m the first loss you have had?” Majib asked. She nodded. Majib smiled. Her innocence was bleeding into him. She was an angel who failed. God would love her for trying.

“Are my other organs good? Can I donate them still?”

“Yes, if you have opted for donation, your other body parts would be taken.”

“And, how long do I have?”

Zahira was trembling. Majib held her hand and squeezed it.

“I’m sorry,” Zahira said.

“It’s not your fault. My life is God’s will. If God is merciful, something good would come out of this too.”

“You are strong.”

“So are you. I saw how you handled the operation. It was incredible. Thank you for giving your best.”

Zahira squeezed Majib’s hand. After a few minutes, she left the room. Majib felt the onset of fear. He was going to die. He filled his mind with thoughts of Zahira and his heart calmed down.

‘I will marry her one day,’ he promised himself, ‘if not in this life then next.’