Story Collection - Chaalbaaz

Lost Time

Riya messaged to her boyfriend as soon as she realized what has happened.

“You lied to me, didn’t you?”

Jagrat checked his phone with Riya’s message blinking on top. He groaned on reading it and immediately started to type. Before he could type, another message came with an image of their bedroom window. He knew what was about to happen and immediately ran towards towards their bedroom.

Riya was about to jump when Jagrat came and held her hand. He wasn’t scared of Riya’s jump as just outside was a net that would halt Riya’s jump. However, it was a hassle to get Riya back up with her shouting and waking up everyone else living around. This was Riya’s fifth attack in four months and while these attacks had reduced in frequency, they were still as fierce as before.

Jagrat gave Riya a pill and held her in his arms. He could feel her heartbeat slowing as she slowly calmed down.

“I am sorry, I overreacted.” Riya said. “You lied to me, didn’t you?”

Jagrat nodded, feeling ashamed.

“Is it …?” Riya asked unable to complete her sentence.

Jagrat nodded again, his chest swelling.

“Was it my accident?”

“Yes.” Jagrat said looking down, unable to look into Riya’s eyes.

It had been almost four months since Riya’s accident. An accident that had left Riya without any memory of her past one year. According to Riya’s doctor, these memories would never come back so Jagrat and Riya started building their lives leaving that one year out of their love story. Initially, Jagrat tried to touch on that one year, slowly prodding at her mind with minor details here and there but there was one problem. Riya had become depressed and suicidal. She didn’t know why but Riya would cry without any reason for hours and had already tried to commit suicide multiple times. Her first two attempts had brought her to near death and Jagrat stopped trying to remind her about their shared past. He even removed most of their photographs and other proofs so that any single memory doesn’t trigger an attack.

There had been no attacks over two months, before his laptop triggered this one. Jagrat had transferred hundreds of images to cloud and deleted them from his laptop but he couldn’t delete these three images.

“How did you figure out my password?”

“I saw you type it a couple of times. I was bored so I opened it to see a movie. That is when I saw this image.” Riya said.

‘Damn that laptop.’ Jagrat thought in his head.

“You said nothing big happened. You said I didn’t miss anything substantial. You said you were happy.” Riya said tears pouring from her eyes.

“I am happy that you are alive. I am happy that we are here and can start afresh.”

“But you didn’t tell me about our last one year together.”

“I tried but you know you didn’t take it well so doctor’s told me to not tell you anything. It worked too. You didn’t need to carry that burden.”

“That burden was not yours alone to carry Jagrat. I am sorry for being like this but I promise you that you won’t have to carry this burden alone. I will improve and I will be your support.” Riya said with a light in her eyes.

Jagrat looked at her resolve and realised that his girlfriend was finally out of her depression. He had hoped for this moment for so long but never thought that it would happen with that image.

“Now… Tell me everything about it.” Riya said pointing at Jagrat’s laptop.

“Not it. Her.” Jagrat said with a heavy heart.

Jagrat opened his cloud space and started swiping. Each picture showing Riya’s belly increasing in size.

“How far long was I?” Riya asked.

“Seven months.”