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Snow White revisited

“Finally! I’m up. I guess I was asleep for some time.” The girl said stifling a yawn.

The man in front of her looked at her sheepishly and nodded.

“Great! You must be Prince Charming. I am Snow White.” Snow White said taking the guy in her arms in an attempt to kiss him. The man receded back quickly surprising Snow White.

“What! Didn’t you wake me up with a kiss?”

“Ahem.. I don’t know how you woke up.” The man said in a small voice. His voice trembled as if he had been thrown amidst a horror movie.

Snow White looked at him with a twisted smile and tilted her head to one side. A twinkle shone in her eyes as they analysed the man in front of her. She realised that he was no more than 25 years old and didn’t hold any sword or weapon of any sort. He just had something weird in his hand that shown occasionally.

“What’s that?”

“Mobile phone.” The boy-man said.

Snow White didn’t understand it and lost interest.

“What’s your name?” Snow asked.

“My name is Aravindh. And you are?”

“Oh Silly! My name is Snow White. I just told you that. Haven’t you heard about me?”

Aravindh looked at her shocked.

“I have heard about Snow White only in fairy tales. Have you lost your mind?” Aravindh said fear creeping in his voice.

“Fairy Tales? What are those? Have the fairies started to write stories now?” Snow White said stretching her arms, all her famed grace absent.

“These are hundreds of year old stories that are not real.” Aravindh said as if trying to explain a child. Snow White looked around 20 year old and while Aravindh was scared of her, he was also infatuated by her beauty. His best guess was that this was a prank on him. At worst, he was in front of a crazy hobo. Either ways, he wanted to leave the place as soon as possible without being made a fool or die.

“Oh my! How long was I asleep?” Snow White said, for the first time looking puzzled.

“What do you last remember?” Aravindh said tentatively. He also checked the mouth of the cave for an escape route. He was cursing himself for getting lost in this cave.

“I remember eating the darn apple.” Snow said making a bad face. Despite being around 20, Snow behaved like a teenager, Aravindh thought.

“I mean what year was that.”

“I don’t know. People were talking about 1000 or something like that. I don’t know for sure.”

“AD or BC.” Aravindh whispered to himself but held back. Snow’s clothes looked relatively regal and it meant AD.

“What are you looking at my clothes for? Is there any clue here?” Snow said looking at her clothes trying to find something.

“It’s impossible. You are talking about something that might have happened 1000 years ago.” Aravindh said.

“You’re joking, right?” Snow said as a wave of shock went through her and she fell. Aravindh held her instinctively and brought her outside of the cave.

“I must be still under the effect. You are young but you ARE my Prince Charming. Please kiss me to break the curse.” Snow pleaded as Aravindh supported her towards the exit.

He pounced on the opportunity, all thoughts of prank lost. The kiss lasted for a few seconds which stretched forever for Aravindh. It was his first kiss and he couldn’t believe his luck.

“Gasp! You were right. The world has changed completely.” Snow White said as they reached outside. The city looked magnificent and beyond anything Snow had ever seen. A plane flew over their head and Snow looked at it fascinated.

“Yeah.. Well.. Yeah..” Aravindh said still recovering from his first kiss.

“1000 years. And then you found me. How did you find me?” Snow White said looking dreamily at Aravindh. Apparently, the kiss had an impact on her too.

Aravindh immediately looked down and tried to hide his phone.

“It’s nothing. An accident really.” Aravindh muttered in his mouth.

“But what were you doing in this cave.”

“Searching.” Aravindh whispered almost inaudibly.

“You were searching for me.” Snow White said, overwhelmed with emotions. She again kissed him and Aravindh melted. Instantly, he felt guilty.

“No, I was not searching for you. It’s this app, this game.”

“Game.. You were searching for game.” Snow said perplexed.

“Not searching for the game, it is a game of searching. It’s called Pokemon Go. I was looking for a Pokemon and it showed that a rare Pokemon was inside the cave. I threw the Pokeball at the rock and instead of catching the pokemon, the stone moved and you popped out.” Aravindh said all in one breath.

“I didn’t understand much of what you said but I suppose you were seeking something else and instead found me. I hope you aren’t too disappointed.” Snow White said dejectedly. Her smile had waned and she didn’t meet Aravindh’s eyes anymore.

“Are you kidding me? It’s like I went for the Ratatta and got Mewtwo.” Aravindh said smiling. He held Snow’s chin and gave her a kiss.

“I have no idea what you just said but this kiss helped clarify a bit. I have a lot to learn about this new world. I hope I won’t be a burden on you.” Snow White said, her mouth twitching into a smile.

Aravindh smiled and held her hand.

“You’ll never be a burden.”

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