Story Collection - Chaalbaaz

Among the Aliens

The light was blue. Uday looked at it with a weird look on his face. He was looking at it disbelievingly.

“Are you sure it is supposed to be blue?” Jennifer asked.

“I am sure it’s not supposed to be blue.” Uday said.


Jennifer went close to the light but there was no perceivable source to the light. It was just there.

“Maybe it is supposed to be blue.” Jennifer said doubtfully.

“The scriptures clearly state that the colour of the light reflects the mood of the individuals. The possible colors are red for anger, green for envy and yellow for fear. No other colors are mentioned.” Uday said going through the papers in his hands.

“Doesn’t mean there are no other possibilities. It just means that there are colors that they hadn’t explored, or written.”

“Yeah. But what does blue denote? Anxiety? I sure feel that right now.”

“Or hope…” Jennifer whispered.

“ Hmm.. Yeah. Maybe it is catching on our hope to bring back this stone and gain prominence in the world.” Uday said his heart beating faster. He had looked for this for years. It was his personal dream and soon, he would be known as the guy who changed the world, twice.

First time, Uday had saved the world from an attack of the aliens. The attack was not a full-fledged one but has put the whole of Earth on high alert. It was Uday’s calculations that had helped the armies to win the war. However, Uday knew that it was important to prepare for another onslaught. This search for possible alien artefacts started after that. He had formed a team that collected them and analysed to protect the planet. All of them have led to this. A light without source — called infinite light by the aliens. Driven by unknown energy and affected by the emotions surrounded it, the source could help Earth jump into the next phase of technological advancements.

“How will we take it Uday?” Jennifer questioned. Uday had been working on the problem for some time but now that he was here, he knew the problem was more complicated than he had initially thought.

“I will need to make some more adjustment to this device. We should have brought Imran with us.” Uday slammed himself.

“Umm.. He’s just outside.” Jennifer said rolling her eyes.

“Yeah. Wastes time. I’ll go. You keep an eye on this light. Lemme know if this changes color.” Uday said. Jennifer nodded. As soon as Uday left, the color of the light sharpened. The blue color deepened as Jennifer kept looking at the light longingly — the last source of infinite light.

Jennifer had helped Uday built the carrier of this light. She could have instead held it herself and took it but that would have meant her being captured and experimented on by Earthlings. She had no interest in that.

She wanted to survive. She knew that as long as she was alive, they would come for her. She had spent days scolding herself for taking part in this initial scouting of this new planet. Being the princess, she should have had better judgement. If something had happened to her, her parents would have been devastated, along with the whole planet.

Jennifer realised that the only way to survive was to become part of the alien hunting team. This way, she could lead them in a way that was non-lethal to her species.

The sharp blue light dimmed and flickered.

“I’m back.” Uday said.

Jennifer quickly dabbed her hand on her eyes. She hadn’t realised that she had tears in her eyes.

“Any wild guesses till now as to what this colour means?” Uday jested.

“Hope.” Jennifer whispered under her breath.