Story Collection - MSPM39

Story 5/39: The First Guardian

Sanchit picked up the sword and gave it a gentle swing. Sparks flew all around. 

“And you said that it has been acting like this for the past two days,” Sanchit asked the client in front of him. The client, a short man, almost the size of a dwarf, growled and wailed at the same time. 

“I wish you would have come sooner. The sword has taken some beating and would probably need to be replaced substantially before it can be considered in a fighting state.” 

The man looked at the sword with longing and then nodded his head. Sanchit picked the sword with care and kept it in a magic-safe bag. He also wrote a receipt to the man. 

“Next please,” Sanchit said asking the next customer to come. A girl of around 22 came with a heavy ax. 

The ax was still oozing blood from one side and the other side had chips clearly showing where the ax was hit against a hard magical object. 

“What happened, mam?” Sanchit asked politely. The girl started a tale at a fast pace and before Roha could stop her, she was almost rapping away the whole story, without taking a single breath. 

“Good to know,” Sanchit said barely able to keep up with the girl’s pace. “Are there any diminished properties that you are seeing as well?” 

“The magic is leaking due to which I’m not able to travel as fast as I would like.” The girl said pointing at the blood oozing out. Sanchit realized that it was the ax’s blood and not the blood of the enemy.

“Let me take a look at it.”

Sanchit started inspecting the ax and the moment he touched the ax with Jurbar’s sand, the ax turned to ashes. The girl almost screamed. 

“Don’t worry! Standard procedure.” Sanchit said hurriedly. It was a lie. The ax should have held its strength against the sand. This meant that the magic that the ax was leaking was not inherent magic of the weapon but imbibed no it through magical enchantments. This is always suspicious as weapons are traditionally imbibed with magic during their construction. It’s not considered prudent to enchant an ordinary weapon as it may fail (as was perhaps the case with this ax) when you need it the most. 

Sanchit added some common salt to the mix of ash and Jurbar’s sand and the weapon started reforming. 

“Mam. The weapon is reformed but it has lost its magical capabilities. The magic was enchanted and not imbibed and couldn’t hold for longer.” 

“I knew I shouldn’t have trusted that goofy guy.” 

“Which goofy guy?” 

“There is a man I met a few weeks ago. He told me that this ax could cut through anything because of the kind of magic it contained. Clearly a lie.” 

“Yeah. I guess he didn’t tell you the side effect of such a weapon. While magical enchantment can hold a weapon better than an imbibed magical weapon when you are cutting a non-magical object, with a magical object, especially powerful ones, it fails almost completely.” Sanchit said gesturing at the ax. 

“Hmphh.” The girl said and picked the ax. 

“If you want, I can show you some better weapons. Weapons that can last longer.”

“But they would be costly.”

“Each weapon has a price.” 

The girl thought for a long time and then nodded. 

“Let’s start with what did you want to cut so badly.” 

The girl looked down at her ax once again. It was completely different from the weapon she had brought inside the shop. Non-magical and polished. In comparison, the original ax was charred, broken, and bleeding. 

“I’m trying to kill dragons.” 

“Aren’t they urban myth?” 

“Two years ago, magic was a myth for me and at this point, I don’t believe anything as a myth.”

“Point taken. Killing a dragon isn’t easy – strong hide, firepower, and ability to adapt really separates them from other creatures.”

“I don’t need a commentary. Do you have something that can kill a dragon?” 

Sanchit smiled. It had been years but finally, someone to start the journey. He picked a weapon from the back of his shop. 

“What is this weapon? It is barely big enough to kill a goat, let alone a dragon.” The girl asked picking a tube-shaped weapon.

This is a weapon of the future. In a thousand years from now, this weapon will be all over the world. But even then, it won’t be as powerful as the one in your hand. 

“What’s so special about it?”

“One, it’s made to kill dragons. Specifically. Two, it has a long memory so it will be a good companion for you. Three, it has a long-ranged attack which will help you defeat the enemy from distance.”

“Wow! That sounds awesome. But…” The girl’s voice trailed off. 

“What?” Sanchit said, almost hungrily. He was so close to bring his masterpiece to the real world. 

“Why did you make a dragon killer if you thought they were a myth?”

“I have seen them. In the other dimension.” Sanchit said. He shuddered remembering what he had seen. 

He explained to the girl about what he had seen and she shared similar story. 

“What is the price of this weapon then, good sir?”

“You can’t leave this weapon until someone takes the weapon from you willingly. The price is servitude.”

The girl looked into Sanchit’s eyes and realised why the weapon had not been used till now.

“You yourself are unwilling to pay the price you have set for your weapon. How ironical?”

Sanchit looked down.

“Okay! I’ll pay the price. And what’s it’s name?”

“Alara.” Sanchit said with pride. 

Inspired from Reddit WritingPrompts – [WP] Your a technical support agent for magic wands and spells. [Link]