Story Collection - MSPM39

Story 7/39: The Choice

Pruthvi was hungry. He had not had his dinner and now, it was almost 1 am in the night and his stomach had started growling back at the unfairness that he was showing it. Pruthvi wished he could explain his stomach that it was all for feeding it but that was pointless. He kept looking through the lens waiting, taking deep breaths to calm his mind. He saw the legs first, then the body, and then finally the face. He pointed the gun towards the body and shot. The first one hit the girl in her stomach and she immediately curled on the ground. 

Pruthvi knew that it won’t be enough and shot another one, with greater precision – the shot he was famous for, the shot that has ensured that he could earn the highest fees for his service, the shot that he Pruthvi first learned through video games, and then in the army. The girl’s face was butchered with the bullet wound. From this range, Pruthvi could barely control which part of the face the bullet would hit and the bullet had punctured the girl’s nose and left cheek, shattering her teeth and skull. 

He waited for thirty seconds to ensure that the girl was not moving. A guy was trying to revive her, no doubt calling 911 but Pruthvi wasn’t too concerned by that. He was far enough from the house that by the time police decide to look for him, he would be gone. 

The next morning, he woke up and saw that the money was transferred to his accounts. He smiled and went about his morning routine. He cooked breakfast and then spent the day watching television. He wanted to finish the season before the next assignment came. A week passed before his next assignment came. It was a young man – a recent college graduate – who was clearly the son of a rich guy. 

Name – Jason Rich

Location – Boston, MA

Amount – $25 Million

Pruthvi whistled. This amount was at least 2 times as much as the ordinary assignments he picked. Someone really wanted to kill this guy badly. 

Pruthvi started his research on Jason Rich. His modus operandi was quite algorithmic. He started with social media research about the person using several fake profiles. He had around 100+ social profiles that had been running for over five years. This provided them an authenticity and he could use one or two profiles to research his target. Once the job was done, he would delete that profile forever. Everything was automated through scripts. Technology had made his job easier in many ways, even if the constant surveillance made it riskier to kill people in daylight. 

Jason was 21 years old and was going to graduate in a couple of months. He was the son of an Industry mogul – a rich and powerful man with an apt surname. Pruthvi was surprised that someone was willing to kill Jason. Jason’s death will bring a great war among the rich and usually the rich avoided that. Most of his contracts were from rich and not ultrarich. Ultrarich folks are a surprisingly peaceful group of people. It’s the tier below them that is fighting and killing each other. 

The more Pruthvi researched, the more he was confused about the motives of the murder. He started digging through his Onion network and dug deeper to find the source of the assignment. He had already reached Boston and had three weeks to complete the assignment. 

“Are you Jason?” Pruthvi said approaching Jason. He had no clue why he wanted to talk to Jason but for the first time, he felt he was killing an absolutely innocent person. 

“Yes,” Jason said uncertainly. 

“Hi! I’m Caleb. I wanted to take your interview for your work with blind kids in South Africa.” 

“Uhh. I don’t talk about it. I’m sorry.”

Pruthvi had expected that. Jason hadn’t given a single interview regarding this. 

“I have just one question – Why?” Pruthvi blurted out. Pruthvi understood empathy and had more than once donated to charity but he didn’t understand the need for a rich person with all facilities to go to Africa and then work with blind kids for years. He could have given the money. 

Jason stopped and turned. The earnestness of Pruthvi’s question amused him. 

“What else could have I done?” Jason asked. Pruthvi gaped. 

“Let’s sit.” 

Pruthvi and Jason talked for almost an hour. 

Pruthvi had never talked to a more enlightened and self-aware person. Even with Pruthvi’s experience in the military and contract killing, he felt Jason knew more about the world than him and yet, he made Pruthvi feel better about him. 

This guy can start a religion, Pruthvi thought to himself. 

“I will take your leave now. I have to go to a class and I’m assuming you also have to get back to your work.”

“Yeah, of course.” 

“By the way, can I make a request?” Jason asked.


“Please try to make it painless,” Jason said with a smile and then walked away. Pruthvi stood there awkwardly looking at Jason. His phone buzzed and he finally knew who had put a price to Jason’s head – Jeff Rich – Jason’s father. 

 Pruthvi went back to his room with immense conflict in his mind. Now that he knew who was behind the assignment, he knew that if he failed, his life may come in danger. He had no choice but to kill Jason. 

“Why would a father want to kill his son?” Pruthvi said and kicked his table.

He sat down on his chair staring at his gun.

Inspired from Reddit WritingPrompts – [SP] An assassin develops an unexpected fondness for his target. [Link]