Story Collection - MSPM39

Story 9/39: M.A.I.D.

Arpit was worried. He had not heard from the maid cleaning service for a long time. Three days was a long time in the maid business. He was sure that they had hired someone else and they would be enjoying the perks, benefits, and pay that came along with the job. 

“I don’t understand! The interview had gone so well. Even though it was a video interview, I had talked to two people, one of them had even asked me detailed questions and scenarios and I am sure I gave good answers,” Arpit said to his pig-shaped toothbrush holder. 

Since graduating from college, Arpit had been living on a day to day basis. Some days, he had the money for food, other times, he would hang out with his friends who would take pity on him and offer dinner and pack for the lunch. His house was shared with five other people to keep the rent under his capabilities. Luckily for him, he had paid for the whole year in advance when he had a job and that has helped him stay in the house for the past three months even though he didn’t have a job. 

That time was coming to an end now. He had a week before he had to get the rent for the next twelve months or leave the place. This maid service was his only hope. He didn’t know the exact salary but his friend had said that it was good enough to cover for the rent and more, there were health benefits, something he had never heard about before. 

He called his friend Kristen who had helped her apply for the role. 

“I don’t know Arpit. I asked them but they haven’t gotten back to me yet. I will followup today. Don’t worry. Sometimes, it takes time.”

Arpit cut the phone and returned back to bed. There was no point in going anywhere and this was the time when he could get the whole bed for himself. Usually, he had to share the bed with Sam, Sam’s girlfriend Tanya, and their two dogs – kiss and kill. 

They were all broke – very, very broke. 

He didn’t realize when he dozed off but after a few hours, he was woken up by a phone call. 

“Hello! Mr. Arpit?” 

“Yeah,” Arpit replied groggily. 

“I’m calling from maid. Is it a good time to talk?”

Arpit was wide awake. “Yes, please.”

“I’m pleased to inform you that we have selected you for maid. Can you join us tomorrow? I’ll share the address over the email.”


Arpit picked the email and checked the address on the maps. It was far from where Kristen was working and Arpit assumed that he was directly going to the place where he will be assigned. 

The next day, he reached 15 minutes before he was asked to reach, all dressed up in his best suit or whatever he had that could be called a suit. He decided to splurge a bit on himself as well, buying a $1 bagel instead of stealing from Sam’s pantry. He had to walk most of the way due to that but it was still better food than he had eaten in weeks. 

The building was huge with the name – M.A.I.D. – written on it. Arpit was impressed. “Never knew that the maid service had become such a big thing. If this pans out well for me, I might be able to eat three times a day for the rest of my life,” Arpit said to himself, pleased with how his future was finally turning around. 

Inside the building, he reached the reception and showed the email to them. The lady smiled and asked him to sit. After 30 minutes, he was in an elevator going to 102nd floor of the building. 

“I’m so happy to finally meet you, Arpit. You are our first hire in two years. M.A.I.D. is really proud to have a new participant.” An old man said shaking hands with Arpit. 

“Now, can you please start with picking this gun and shooting there. I have to file this video in our documentation so that we can officially start your orientation,” the man said pointing at a target. Arpit picked the gun and shot. 

He was off by a margin and he hoped this won’t be a problem. He didn’t know how orientation worked at such hotshot places. 

“Ahh. Out of touch, are we Mr. Arpit. No worries. The six months probation period should fix everything. Please go to the next room where your orientation shall begin. We’ll clean this mess in the meantime.” 

Arpit looked at where the old man was looking and saw blood oozing out of the place where he had shot. His eyes widened. 

‘Is that blood?’ Arpit thought to himself but before his mind could process anything more, he was ushered into the new room. 

The video started. A pleasant voice started speaking as the words M.A.I.D. emerged on the screen. 

“Murder. Assassination. Immolate. Death. or as you fondly know as M.A.I.D. is the premium service if you want to remove obstacles in your path to happiness. We offer happiness, one death at a time. Let’s go through what we offer and what will be your role in this vast and beloved organization.”

The presentation continued as Arpit, the aspirational maid, saw how M.A.I.D. killed people across the world for money – an organized crime syndicate that specialized in contract killings. Arpit thanked the gods that it was a long presentation and the room was dark otherwise, people would have seen his terror-filled face. 

After the video was over, the lady who was conducting the orientation went through their top employees. Finally, she ended the presentation with handing over a contract in Arpit’s hand. 

He counted the number of zeroes in his yearly compensation. He had never seen that many zeroes in any place. He didn’t know that people can get paid that much. 

“In addition to this, you will have six months of training. I know you are a hotshot killer but as M.A.I.D. we like to believe that perfection comes from constant training so please humor us.” The lady said with a smile. 

Arpit nodded. His hands were shaking. He had just killed someone today for the first time and he was signing to become a contract killer even though his contract simply said – consultant. And then he saw the zeroes. He kept looking at them. 

His stomach grumbled. It was done with the $1 bagel. 

“Killing is better than dying,” Arpit whispered and signed the contract. 

Inspired from Reddit WritingPrompts – [WP] You got a job at M.A.I.D. a maid cleaning service but M.A.I.D actually stands for murder. Assassination. Immolate. Death. But you learned this a little too late. [Link]