Story Collection - MSPM39

Story 10/39: The Secret of M.A.I.D.

Oliver yawned. He had been sitting at his desk for more than three hours playing poker on his computer. He had already had breakfast, brunch, and lunch for the day and it wasn’t even 2 pm yet. The meeting was support to start at 2 pm.

Every week, once a week, for one hour, he had work. He was the face of M.A.I.D. and he was shown to every new employee. Last week, he met a guy who looked like he had never killed someone and now, he was an assassin. Oliver forgot his name as soon as he told but to him, the guy looked more like a jobless, homeless person than a killer. Nevertheless, Oliver preferred his job to that guys.

His mother always said – “Better to be thought a villain while not doing any evil than to be thought a hero while being evil.” In his case, the line was a little too apt.

After all, he was the face of M.A.I.D. – the biggest consolidated crime branch in the world. An organization that had hundreds of employees, many of them were cold-blooded murderers with healthcare plans better than what Amazon offered. However, as a front, the company was a great organization that offered financial and legal advice to high net worth clients.

At 2, Oliver reached the conference room where the new killer/employee was being given orientation.

“And now, let me introduce you to your biggest idol.”

That was his cue. He peeked in the room. There were two employees today. A man with thinning hair and an eager smile and a girl with a stern look and dirty blonde hair which looked dyed. Oliver was never sure about these things. He had jet black hair which he had never colored. Oliver entered the room and heard audible gasps even though there were only three people in the room.

“Yunqiao!” The man said and clapped. The woman was more restrained in her demeanor but Oliver could see the glint in her eyes as well.

Yes. He was Yunqiao. The greatest contract killer in the world. The guy who has killed more people in the world than all the other assassin’s combined. He was the reason why M.A.I.D. is considered the greatest assassination organization in the world. The reason why M.A.I.D. charged crazy fees from their clients with the promise of the job getting done. ‘If nothing else, Yunqiao will get it done,’ was the sales pitch.

“You’re my hero. I’m Stanley.”

“And, I’m Jessica.”

Oliver shook hands with both of them. “And I’m Yunqiao.”

The next half an hour went in a breeze. They continued asking him about his greatest kills, asking for a scene by scene narration, gasping and awwing at the right time, captivated by their hero. Oliver took time to help them understand what would be the expectations in M.A.I.D. Few reached the highest tier but those who reached were compensated heavily along with lifetime legal protection. Basically, earn the firm enough money and it will protect you from any legal issues. He was one of the top tiers with all the protection offered by the firm.

Few people left M.A.I.D. In fact, since Oliver had started working here, he had heard of only one person who had left the firm at a top-level. This guy was being touted as the greatest contract killer but after one of his missions where he had to kill a rich college kid, he vanished. Oliver didn’t know if the kid survived or not but he was impressed by a killer who went soft. Most people hardened with each passing day. Killing changes them permanently. This guy left while being at the top.

Of course, it also helps when no one knows your name. If the only name that’s remembered, that’s discussed, and that’s flaunted is Yunqiao, then it doesn’t leave space for any other contract killer.

Oliver wished the newcomers – Stanley and Jessica – all the best and came back to his desk. He saw his name on the ranking table along with more than a thousand killings to his name. As he looked at it, the number increased.

“Great! Someone has killed in my name.” Oliver murmured.

Almost 5 years ago, he was hired by M.A.I.D. He had no aspirations to become a great killer and the company responded in kind.

To the outside world, he was the greatest killer in all of his generation. He had killed people across the globe. In reality, Oliver had never killed anyone.

Oliver was the face of M.A.I.D. organization which ensured that any lead for any murder will reach to him. The police across the world continued to search for Yunqiao while Yunqiao was sitting on a desk while playing card games online.

The greatest contract killer wasn’t a real contract killer but a facade to hide the clues for more than ten actual ‘ghost’ killers. Oliver’s job was to be the herring that’s chased while the real contract killers did their jobs. All Oliver had to do was live on M.A.I.D.’s premises and never let anyone know that he wasn’t a real killer.

Oliver or Yunqiao, it didn’t matter to him. As long he was getting his salary, Oliver was happy to be Yunqiao.

Inspired from Reddit WritingPrompts – [WP] You work for a company of assassins. Your job: Make it look like you are the only one so that the other assassins can remain anonymous. [Link]