Story Collection - MSPM39

Story 12/39: Change of Guard

Param smiled. As a kid, he wanted to live forever and now, he was bored with life after merely 150 years. Living is overrated, he thought to himself and caressed Alara fondly. Alara, his trusty gun, was handed to him by his predecessor. 

“It is time to part ways, my friend.” 

The gun vibrated. It knew. Alara had been traveling from one individual to another over the years. Even though the gun provided eternal youth, few humans were actually able to enjoy life longer than a few decades. Even the first guardian had kept Alara only for a couple of centuries before passing it to her kin. That was a long time ago. 

“Hi, is it Param?” A girl spoke in a soft tone and even softer demeanor

Param turned and saw the girl. He had already decided that she would be his successor. 

“Hi Kweeny. Please sit.” Kweeny sat down. 

Before either of them could talk about anything, Param heard a rustle, now so familiar to him that he didn’t know if he had even heard it before his hand had picked the gun. The surroundings started to change, morphing into a new dimension. The first time it had happened, Param had frozen with fear but Alara helped him snap out of it. This time, Alara and Param were one. 

“One last adventure Alara,” Param said and prepared himself. 

A growl greeted Param, reverberating through Param’s whole body. He looked up and his neck strained. A large dragon looked directly at Param and then breathed fire. 

Param dodged to the right and saved himself from the incoming fire. He picked Alara and shot the dragon right at the chest but the strong scales of the dragon’s hide protected him from the bullet. 

“A single bullet wasn’t going to do it much harm anyway,” Alara said. 

Param nodded. “We need to find a  closer spot to shoot from so that the momentum of the bullet is better. We also need to attack the soft parts of the body.”

“Aren’t you seeing what I’m seeing? This dragon won’t have any soft parts.” Alara said with an eerie detachment filled with fear. 

Param ran towards the back of the dragon. While the tail is equally dangerous as the mouth if it made contact with Param, he was sure it would be easier to fool the body part without the eyes. 

He shot once more and the bullet lodged itself in the scales. Param could see blood coming out of the spot where his bullet had hit the dragon but this amount of blood loss would take years to kill the dragon. Param put the gun in his pocket and started to climb the dragon’s tail. 

“What are you doing?” Alara hissed.

“Trying to find a kill this beast. We can’t go home until that happens and I really need this to be over.” Param said gently but firmly. 

“Okay,” Alara said with complete detachment. 

Param knew that Alara was hurt by his hurriedness to leave but he was tired now. He was old, even if physically, he had eternal youth. 

Param started climbing the dragon from the tail side. It thrashed the tail everywhere and Param held himself just by an inch. Param reached the top of the dragon’s back which took a lot of time as the dragon was trying everything to remove its rider. Unfortunately, the dragon’s maneuvers failed and Param was able to reach the top of the head. He pointed Alara to the mouth of the dragon and pointed it towards the dragon’s mouth. Alara shot the dragon with almost ten bullets within five seconds. Then they moved to the eyes and shot the dragon in the eyes as well. 

In pain, the dragon moved around and with one swipe, threw Param far away from the dragon. Param’s two ribs were broken immediately and his leg also suffered some serious injury. The dragon was still swaying uncertainly, clearly in pain. It looked at Param and took a deep breath, preparing itself to project fire. However, before that could happen, the bullets did the work. The dragon fell in one large swoop. 

The scenes started to fade and he was soon back with Kweeny. Unfortunately, he can’t leave behind his injuries in the other world. His leg shot a sharp pain as his ribs felt like they were trying to kill his heard even now. 

Kweeny’s eyes widened looking at a man who was fine in one second and is now sitting with a broken heart and possible death due to bone fragments in his body. 

Naturally, Kweeny panicked. But she was still a calm headed person and she immediately called 911. 

At the hospital, Param found some time to talk to Kweeny alone. 

“I want to give you this,” Param said and offered him a necklace. 

“It’s beautiful,” Kweeny said. It is more than a necklace, it is my official declaration of retirement, thought Param. 

‘Indeed. My essence will remain in you for a few years. After that, you will die.”

‘I’m counting on it.’ Param smiled. 

“Goodbye, Param.”

“Goodbye, Alara.”

“Hello, Kweeny! Hope you are ready for a journey of your life.” Alara said.