Story Collection - MSPM39

Story 13/39: The Adventures of Obsidian Eve

“I love you, babe,” Tanuja said ruffling her son’s hair. He smiled back and then waved as he ran towards the school. He used to cry and hold on to Tanuja once upon a time but that time has now passed. He knew that every week, for one whole day, he will have to spend the time at the school. 

‘It’s so that you become used to living alone. It will teach you independence,” Tanuja had explained it to her son. That was a lie. Every Wednesday, Tanuja’s life changed and she didn’t know how to involve her son in these radical changes. 

Tanuja checked her watch. It was 10:30 pm which meant she had one and a half hours left before the new day began. She reached home and had some snacks, cleaned the kitchen which was filled with the aroma of the food she had made for her son for dinner. This kept her occupied for almost an hour. Five minutes before midnight, she tucked herself in the bed and closed her eyes. She didn’t know what will happen this time but she wanted to wake up in her own bed twenty-four hours later. 

She opened her eyes and looked at the watch. It was Thursday. She felt like only five minutes had passed but the day had changed from Tuesday to Thursday. She was incredibly curious but her body was aching all over as if she had run a marathon for the past twenty-four hours and she decided to sleep a few hours before she checks things out. The next morning, she woke up at 7 am. She had to pick her son around 11 am so she had started setting up her camera with the television. Now, she wanted to know what happened this time. 

The video had been recording for the whole 24 hours of Wednesday even though the actual footage that was worth watching was less than an hour. The rest of the time was mostly filled with an empty bed. 

The video showed her falling asleep at 11:55 pm on Tuesday. At 12 am sharp, her whole body began to shiver. The color of her skin started to change to a darker shade, almost the color of black marble. Her hair turned white with a shade of golden strands shimmering between them. She hovered above the bed and her hands started to sparkle with energy and her eyes were pure white with no sign of pupils. She flew out of the window. 

Twenty-four hours later, at 11:50 pm Wednesday night, her body returned, bruised and bleeding. There were several cuts on her body that were draining with blood and her one hand was twisted in a certain way that was clearly unnatural. Her hair was singed and there was a burn mark on her neck. 

“What did you go through girl?” Tanuja said to the video. The video Tanuja sat on the floor and her whole body started to glow. Her wounds started to heal and her hair started to grow back. When she finished, her whole body gave in and she dragged herself to the bed. She closed her eyes and her body started to change again and Tanuja was back opening her eyes. 

She touched the back of her neck and felt a tingling sensation. Each experience leaves a mark, she thought. She changed the video to news to find what had actually happened in the remaining time. 

“Obsidian Eve saves the day again. She saved the minister’s daughter who was kidnapped a few days ago. According to the girl, Obsidian Eve was attacked with acid and guns and what not but she prevailed and the mobster who did that is in police custody. This is the third time Obsidian Eve has captured a major gangster. For those who don’t remember, she also saved the people from the fire at the fair last week. Rumors are also flying around that she is fighting petty thieves and is one of the major reasons for reduced crime in the city in the past few months. Thanks to her, our city has a superhero. Thank you, Obsidian Eve!”

Tanuja downloaded the video and saved it on her laptop along with the video she recorded. The folders were tagged with the dates and the major crime. She counted and she had reached ten folders now. Ten weeks – ten Wednesdays. Tanuja smiled.

She didn’t know what was happening and how did it start. A few weeks ago, when her son was with her mother, Tanuja went to her bed on Tuesday and woke up to a number of missed calls from her mother on Thursday. She didn’t understand but ignored the situation as a one-time thing. It happened the next week as well. This time, while her son was in the house. The poor boy didn’t get scared but kept to his room and ate the chocolates and candies he had for the whole. 

After that, Tanuja recorded to see what was happening and since then, she has seen herself change into a superhero every Wednesday and save the world. She didn’t have any memory of the whole event or any way to control it. Every time she dropped her son to her “school”, she wished that there was some way she could stop this superhero thing. What if something happened to her? And every time she saw the news on Thursday, she felt good, even brave, even if she didn’t remember anything. 

She was changing the world and making it a better place, even if she didn’t know if she had a choice in that or not. 

“I wish they had thought of a better name for me than Obsidian Eve,” she chuckled and renamed the folder containing all her videos to “The Adventures of Obsidian Eve.”

Inspired from Reddit’s WritingPrompts – [SP] You have phenomenal supernatural powers, but only on Wednesdays. [Link]