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Story 14/39: Spookmate

“Thank you,” Raja said and picked the keys. The woman in front of him smiled, tears almost glistening her eyes, her enthusiasm almost childlike, and her joy vivid.

“I should be the one thanking you,” the woman, Jill said and left.

Raja looked at the papers. He was now the owner of a 4-bedroom house that had a garden as well. That too, at half the regular price. He was feeling giddy.

“I should go and meet the neighbors.”

Raja met the neighbors outside the house. Almost everyone around the neighborhood was surrounding it.

“Hi, my name is Raja. I’m your new neighbor.”

Everyone nodded with concern clear on their faces. One lady, in her fifties, with a crisp voice and a no-nonsense attitude spoke first.

“Are you an idiot? You bought the house knowing that there are ghosts living in it.”

Raja smiled.

“I don’t believe in ghosts.”

“What you believe doesn’t change reality, son?” The lady’s husband spoke.

Raja looked at him, for the first time in his life, speechless.

“Umm. True. But I don’t think the house is haunted.” He finally said.

“When are you moving in?” Another lady asked.

“The house needs a bit of cleaning. Once that is done, I will move. Probably by the weekend.”

“Welcome. I hope you are right about the house.” A teenager said and surprised Raja. Teenagers usually don’t care about these things as much but this boy was definitely a believer that the house was haunted.

Four days later, Raja was spending his first night at his newly bought house. He had been invited to the dinner at his neighbor’s place and there he got to know the whole story.

A few years ago, a couple lived in the house. The couple was a happy one and everyone loved them in the neighborhood. Then one day, the police came to their house and found that the wife had killed her husband and her best friend. They were found in the basement. No one knows what exactly happened but ever since then, the house has been haunted and whosoever has lived in the house has either gone mad in a few weeks or has left the house.

Raja found the story more interesting than horrifying. The family gave various hypotheses on what might have gone wrong, the most prominent one being an affair between the best friend and the husband. No one knew the truth as the wife never talked to anyone and was never seen again.

Raja slept like a baby. He didn’t care about what the stories said. The truth was that he had a great house and it would take more than a tall tale to sway him. A glass mirror with blood stains was a good start to sway him.

In the morning, he looked at the bathroom mirror with amusement, curiosity, and fear. It was written in blood, human or animal, he didn’t know.

‘It wasn’t an affair. And you don’t have to be afraid,’ the message said.

Raja knew that someone had done that as a prank to him. He was impressed by the dedication of the prankster. He went to work and came back home late at night, falling on his bed like a tree falling after being sawed. The next morning, the mirror was again red.

‘You forgot to have dinner yesterday.’

Raja smiled and spoke out loud.

“I had dinner at the office but thank you for remembering.”

Almost a whole week passed with generic messages falling on the mirrors each morning. Raja looked for any other signs of a deranged person around, just in case, there was some crazy person lurking around who might go ballistic one day and tries to kill someone.

‘All the best for your meeting,’ the message said and for the first time, his heart choked. He hadn’t told anyone about the meeting and has been working almost secretly on it for the past week. The usual smiled drained from his face as he looked around his house for the cameras. He didn’t find any device that might be lurking around.

Raja became increasingly paranoid living in the house. It has been over ten days and the messages have been streaming through each morning.

Over the next weekend, Raja went out with friends and came back home drunk.

“What is your name ghost person?” Raja whispered and dozed off on his own couch.

The next morning he saw the message on the mirror with a name on it.

‘My name is Samantha. I was killed by my best friend. I live here.”

“Alright, Samantha. Tell me what happened. And why should I believe you? You might be simply a prank played by the neighbors.” This time, the message started changing in front of his eyes.

“Do you think a joke can do this?”

Raja screamed. It was a high-pitch scream Raja didn’t know he was capable of making. The words on the mirror changed – “STOP! I’m not going to hurt you.”

“What do you want then?” Raja asked.

“I don’t know. I thought once my revenge was complete, I will vanish but that didn’t happen. Since then, I lurk around the house. I can’t leave the house and I can’t seem to break free of my shackles to go from this state. I don’t know what to do,” the message said.

Raja was still panicking but his curiosity overtook it.

“Can you write on any mirror or surface inside the house or just the bathroom mirror.”


“Awesome!” Raja said and pulled a whiteboard and kept it in his living room. He started asking questions and Samantha continued responding in her style. Raja and Samantha spent the whole day chatting, with Samantha telling him how and she actually died.

“Crazy lady, your best friend.”

“I found out about it too late.”

The next morning, there was a small note in the bathroom mirror and a giant ‘Good morning’ on the whiteboard. Raja smiled. He didn’t know what was happening but he promised Samantha that he would figure on it.

A year passed him trying to figure out how to help a ghost or a spirit go from Earth to wherever they belong. Each method was a hoax. By now, Raja had gotten used to Samantha and her tiny messages on the boards and mirrors. Every room now contained a whiteboard so that they could communicate without any issues. Sometimes, she was like an Alexa or Siri who could actually talk to you, other times, a personal therapist that Raja didn’t have to pay for and who would hear him out but mostly, she was his best friend now.

At the year mark, Samantha and Raja wished each other anniversary and finally decided to pursue other goals.

“Maybe your purpose isn’t to go away but to stay here, with me,” Raja said. Samantha drew a smiley face on the whiteboard.

“I can do that.”

Inspired from Reddit’s WritingPrompts – [WP] Your neighbors were concerned when you moved into the local haunted house. You were worried at first too, but the messages written in blood on the mirrors are… oddly supportive. [Link]

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