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The two had a lot in common and that was the problem. They fought over each thing tremendously as each had a strong opinion on each thing they had in common.

“I sometimes wish that we were different from each other. At least, we wouldn’t be fighting over everything,” Ishika said holding her head in frustration. They had been fighting for hours now and she was close to tears.

Karan’s eyes were also shining with the water in them. ‘Not again,’ his mind seemed to scream.

“Why do we fight so much? We are supposed to be perfect for each other!” He whispered, more to himself than her.

“Ha! Perfect,” Ishika said bitterly.

“Should we just break up?” Karan asked for what would be their tenth break up.

Ishika looked at her wide-eyed. She was already at the edge and this statement from Karan elicited a laughter and tears from her.

Karan looked at Ishika laughing and crying at the same time confused for a bit before it dawned on him. He swore.

He sat down on the bed, hands holding his head, and swore some more.

Ishika sat down on the floor, completely broken, tears flowing without pause and a grin on her face.

Karan dropped from the bed and sat beside her wiping her tears.

“We are screwed,” Karan said.

“Yes,” Ishika replied.

“Did we get married too quickly?”

“After five years of dating, forced by our parents. Yeah!”

“You look beautiful in this wedding dress. Red suits you.”

Ishika looked at Karan and smiled at him. They are gonna be fighting each other for life now.

“I love you,” Karan said.

“I love you too,” Ishika replied.

“Welcome to the first night of marriage.”


Story Collection - MSPM39

Story 6/39: Best Friends? Forever?

Laura’s mouth was open but her tongue was stuck inside. She wanted to scream but she couldn’t muster the strength or courage to voice her feelings. She wanted to run away but she was sitting in a restaurant with over fifty guests along with her three closest friends. And Samantha! She looked at Laura with an occasional smile and was laughing and giggling as if there was nothing wrong with her. As if Laura hadn’t killed her four days ago!

“Come on Laura, take the bite of this. It’s delicious,” Samantha said passing her a small plate. Laura looked at the plate as if it was decorated with spiders and filled with cooked lizards with a garnish of toad eggs.

I’m losing my mind, thought Laura and pinched herself. This was just a dream, she repeated and pinched herself again.

“It’s not a dream,” whispered Samantha in her ear and put the plate in front of her anyway.

The dinner lasted for two hours – the longest and scariest two hours of Laura’s life. She couldn’t look at Samantha, nor could she take her eyes off of her.

Samantha – her best friend of ten years, her confidante in her every good deed and bad, her maid of honor, and her victim.

As soon as the dinner was over, Laura called her husband Shep who came and picked her up.

“Let’s go to the ground. We have to check!”

“What? Why?”

In response, Laura showed Shep the photo that was taken at the restaurant. He almost totaled the car.

“WHAT? She can’t be Samantha! Who’s she?”

“She’s Samantha. At least she said she’s Samantha. And she definitely knows.”

“But then going there would be even more dangerous.”

“I know but do we have a choice?”

Shep nodded and turned the car towards the large swathe of ground outside the city. They reached an unmarked but a little lumpy spot and started digging. The dirt was still soft.

“How did she look? Did she have any injury or anything that showed or signaled?”

“She was wearing a long dress so I couldn’t gauge her wound.” Laura had stabbed Samantha at least three times, each time at the same spot before Shep had stopped her.

They continued to dig but couldn’t find anything there. The grave was empty.

“How?” Laura said looking at Shep with fear in her eyes. Shep gripped the torch with all the strength he could muster. He had to be strong for her.

Samantha was looking at the whole scene from a distance. She could feel the dampness of her blood at the spot of her dress, on the left side of her stomach, where Laura had stabbed her – once, twice, thrice. She pressed against it with her hand to feel pain but there was none.

By the time Samantha had died, Laura and Shep had already started to bury her in the ground. Samantha’s soul had taken some time to understand that she could inhabit her own body like a zombie or a bodysnatcher and by that time, she was four feet under the ground. She looked at her chipped nails which weren’t healing anymore. She was dead. She knew as much.

Samantha could have called 911 and Laura and Shep would be in jail for a long time but that didn’t feel like justice to her. She lost everything because her best friend turned out to be a killer. Laura didn’t spare her best friend and Samantha couldn’t spare Laura either.

Laura and Shep reached home by the middle of the night. Exhausted. If they hadn’t been so tired, they might have noticed the black car that they had passed a block earlier, standing alone without its master.

Inside the house, Laura reached the bedroom first. Shep went to the bathroom. Samantha was sitting in one corner of the bedroom with the lights turned off. If not tired, Laura might have remembered that Shep never shuts off the lights. That’s the one thing that pisses her about her otherwise perfect husband.

Laura dropped on the mattress and immediately felt the wetness of the bedsheets. She almost leaped from her bed and went for the lights. There were ten lights in the bedroom, for different moods and situations. Right now, only two seemed to be working – a deep yellow light which barely flickered and a red tinge light which brightened up parts of the room and kept the others dark. In this light, the red blood shined even deeper and felt even more vicious.

“SHEP!” Laura shouted and ran outside the room. A faint smile hovered on Samantha’s lips – the first true smile since she died.

Shep came out of the bathroom and saw Laura holding her hand as it was a bomb and realized why this was the case. Laura’s fingers had blood stains on them. In fact, her whole backside was smothered with red marks.

At that moment, the lights of the whole house vanished. Samantha had spent the past three days inside their house, hidden from them, tweaking and changing everything from the wifi password to how the lights behaved to which parts of the house will break. She didn’t want to kill her best friend. She wanted to destroy her. And then kill her, if needed.

Samantha came out of the door, wearing six inches of heels which gave the illusion of her hovering from the ground. Her dress hid her heels and her movements and also carried deceptive number of weapons. Her makeup was now worn and showed the mascara flowing through her cheeks. She decided to keep that look for the effect. Before either of the two could react, threw a knife at Shep which hit him on the side of his chest. Samantha was no professional knife thrower and the knife didn’t go deep but Shep fell down with surprise.

“I’m sorry Sammy,” Laura said, her eyes shining with tears.

Samantha continued walking towards the couple. She took out another knife from her pocket and threw it again at Laura this time. Laura was better prepared and even with her tears, she moved away. Laura ran towards her drawer to get her gun out but the gun wasn’t there. Samantha could caress the gun in her pocket but had decided to use it the last.

Samantha was almost an arm’s distance away from Shep and tried to stab him again. He dragged himself away from her and then stood up and ran towards the main door. Laura followed him. The door was locked and it was going to take them at least thirty seconds to open it, Samantha had seen that happen countless times when she had been here before when she thought this was a safe place.

Samantha reached the door before they could open it and slashed Shep’s arm. She could have gone for his neck but then he might have died. Samantha couldn’t see that happen so fast.

Both ran towards the back door but it was already locked and sealed. Samantha had reached the house at least an hour early and had prepared for everything. Their only choice was to try and open the basement emergency exit door and run from there. The door that was sealed from outside. Laura and Shep ran towards the basement, with Laura crying and apologizing to Samantha all the while.

Samantha slowly descended through the basement stairs. By then, Shep and Laura had realized that the only way out was through Samantha.

“I’m sorry I killed you Sammy. You know I loved you but you had hurt my brother.” Laura said, her sentences breaking in between.

“You killed me because it didn’t work out between me and your brother?”

“You could have been my family, my true sister. But you chose not to, you decided to not be my sister.” Laura said, her voice returning, along with a mania in her voice.

“You rejected me. How could you reject me, Sammy? You said you loved me but you still didn’t want to be my sister.” Laura screamed and ran towards Samantha. She threw herself at Samantha, swinging her arms wildly, almost tearing up Samantha’s face. In that moment, Shep didn’t know who was crazier – the love of his life, who was trying to kill her best friend again; the dead best friend, who had come back from the dead to take revenge; or him, who was still a part of this craziness.

Samantha was able to throw Laura away once her manic energy dissipated. Shep threw a broken chair at Samantha with little conviction. Samantha’s face was torn on the right side. The four-day-old dead body was showing the signs of decay and was barely holding together. She decided to end this.

Samantha took the gun out and pointed it towards Laura. Laura was getting back to her senses but had lost any sense of safety and fear.

“Do it. You broke my heart anyway.” Laura said with loathing. Samantha smirked. How did she not see this woman as crazy from the first day? How is Shep not seeing it right now?

“Let me do it again, then,” Samantha said and changed her target. She shot Shep twice in his chest and once in his stomach.

Laura screamed and dashed towards Shep. Samantha called 911 and threw the gun towards Laura.

“Help! Help! Laura has gone mad. She’s killed her husband and will kill me as well. I’m in the basement. Help!”

Samantha narrated the address in the same panic-stricken voice and then looked at Laura crying over Shep.

“The cops are coming,” Samantha said to Laura who ignored her. For the next five minutes, no one moved.

Samantha could see Shep’s soul leaving the body. Unlike hers, he didn’t stop or reoccupy his body for vengeance. He simply looked at her with sad eyes and floated away. She heard the cops coming in the house and when they reached the basement stairs, she felt her grip on the body slipping. She was done!

“Bye Laura, enjoy the hell,” Samantha said and vanished. Her body dropped to the ground as the cops reached the basement containing two dead bodies and one sobbing, manic woman.

Inspired from Reddit WritingPrompts – [WP] Your a technical support agent for magic wands and spells. [Link]

Story Collection - Chaalbaaz


“Umm.. I am sorry. I am SORRY.. I AM SORRY!!! THAT’S ALL YOU HAVE TO SAY.” She didn’t realise she was screaming by the end of the sentence. Sudhanshu’s ears were realising it too much.

“I just slept with a girl. It’s not like I fell in love with her. It was just physical.” Sudhanshu said casually. As much as he wanted to, he couldn’t care about Pallavi’s overreaction.

“We are in a relationship. How could you do this? How can you be nonchalant about it?” Pallavi said and threw her phone towards him. He grabbed it and kept it on the bed.

“Our relationship is still as it was. I still love you and care about you. This is just plain sex with a skank because I was missing sex with you. I did this because I was missing you.”

Pallavi burst into tears. She felt a strong pain in her heart that started to flow through her body. She was unable to breathe properly and was gasping between sobs.

“Sit down Pallavi.” Sudhanshu said and Pallavi obeyed. She didn’t think she could handle the stress standing.

“What is happening?” Pallavi said looking from Sudhanshu to the girl lying naked in the bed.

The girl was looking at the whole scene with a smirk on her face.

“It’s nothing Pallavi. You are taking it all very seriously.” Sudhanshu said and got out of the bed. He wasn’t wearing anything but didn’t care about it in the least.

“Who are you?” Pallavi asked the girl.

“Hi. My name is Pallavi as well. I work in his office in a different department. He talks about you a lot. It’s so good to finally meet you.” The girl said extending her arm towards Pallavi. Her blanket slipped a bit showing that she wasn’t wearing anything. Pallavi felt like she was punched.

“You two were really doing it.” Pallavi said. She realised that until she had seen both of them naked, she was still harbouring some hope that this was a prank.

“Of course. Sudhanshu is extremely good. And nice to me too. You are a lucky woman Pallavi.” The girl said.

“How long have you two been having sex?” Pallavi asked.

“A few months ago. Only when you are not in the city and I miss you.” Sudhanshu said drinking a gulp of water from the glass. He poured some water and gave it to Pallavi as well.

Pallavi took a deep breath finally. It was alright, she said to herself. Only a few months. In their 5 years of marriage, these few months are just a blip. This was just a phase that they would survive. Pallavi looked at Sudhanshu who was smiling at her. She turned to the girl, the other Pallavi who was beaming at her as if meeting a star.

“Oh don’t mind me. I have just heard so much about it. I have wanted to meet you for some time now.” The girl said and hugged Pallavi. She couldn’t understand what was happening. When she had entered her home, she didn’t imagine being hugged by a naked girl who was sleeping with her husband.

“You should leave now. Me and Pallavi will sort this out. Let’s meet after that.” Sudhanshu said to the girl. She got dressed, kissed Sudhanshu on the cheek, gave Pallavi another hug and left.

“This is not acceptable Sudhanshu. You can’t cheat on you. You can’t be this casual about it.”

“I wasn’t cheating on you. I was missing you.”

“How would you feel if I did the same on my trips?” Pallavi asked him looking at him directly.

“Like when you slept with my friend just before the wedding five years ago.” Sudhanshu said knocking the wind out of Pallavi.

“You knew about that.”

“Not then. I found out about it only a year later. He told me once drunk. Apologised and what not. Said to me that he didn’t know we were engaged.” Sudhanshu said with an old bitterness entering his tone.

Pallavi looked at him, heart broken.

“Why didn’t you confront me?”

“I love you Pallavi. I kept hoping that you would tell me some day. That someday, we would again be in a monogamous relationship.”

“I have never cheated on you since we have been married. It was a stupid mistake. I got scared by the prospect of marriage. Trust me.”

Sudhanshu smiled. “It’s alright. Maybe we can start over now. Honestly, I have only ever wanted to sleep with you anyways.”

“Really.” Pallavi looked at him smiling hopefully.

“Yeah. That’s why I was so happy that her name was Pallavi. It was so weird calling other girls Pallavi. They don’t like it one bit.” Sudhanshu said grinning.

“Other girls. How many?” Pallavi asked crestfallen. Sudhanshu started to laugh.


Haiku – I

A few men died once
It was the battle that he
Remembered always

Love was the disease
Relationship was the cure
And hate was the residue

I will wait some more
For the perfect girl to come
Age is a number

You will fall in love
You will find the heartache too
You know that’s life’s way

The war was upon
And we were anything but
Ready for battle

Yes, please die please die
I want some peace in my life
So die, please die, please

Mi estas viro
Ŝi estas virino tre bela
Mi amas ŝia tre multe

Poetry, Random Tales

A Moment of Love

There was a moment in time when everything stopped. It was not something that I had ever imagined would happen. It was something that wasn’t supposed to happen. It just did.

I am not sure if this was love. I am not sure if this was even an emotion. It was a moment when the heart skipped a beat and the mind was stunned.

It was the moment when I had met you. An unforgotten moment it was.

The moment is affixed in my mind like a painting. Some of the shades mix with each other, others give a different hue than what might actually be reality. However, the emotions invoked on seeing that painting are as fresh as the first time. You looking at me smiling.

The conversation of a lifetime, happening in that single moment. You knew I loved you, I knew you loved me. The whole evening we talked and the evening began in that moment. The perfect moment.

But the evening passed. You left for your life; I, for mine.

Five years passed before we met again. Five silent years after a conversation of 5 hours.

You are with your family, me with mine. I named my daughter after you, your son has my name too.

We had discussed our kids too, I remember. In those 5 hours, we had discussed it all.

Your busy husband who would not come to the party, my pregnant wife who couldn’t.

The conversation, ignited with a moment’s passion, burned all the boundaries, all the walls.

To the world, nothing happened in those 5 hours that tarnishes us.


In that moment, everything happened.

In that moment, I was yours and you were mine.