Random Tales


The two had a lot in common and that was the problem. They fought over each thing tremendously as each had a strong opinion on each thing they had in common.

“I sometimes wish that we were different from each other. At least, we wouldn’t be fighting over everything,” Ishika said holding her head in frustration. They had been fighting for hours now and she was close to tears.

Karan’s eyes were also shining with the water in them. ‘Not again,’ his mind seemed to scream.

“Why do we fight so much? We are supposed to be perfect for each other!” He whispered, more to himself than her.

“Ha! Perfect,” Ishika said bitterly.

“Should we just break up?” Karan asked for what would be their tenth break up.

Ishika looked at her wide-eyed. She was already at the edge and this statement from Karan elicited a laughter and tears from her.

Karan looked at Ishika laughing and crying at the same time confused for a bit before it dawned on him. He swore.

He sat down on the bed, hands holding his head, and swore some more.

Ishika sat down on the floor, completely broken, tears flowing without pause and a grin on her face.

Karan dropped from the bed and sat beside her wiping her tears.

“We are screwed,” Karan said.

“Yes,” Ishika replied.

“Did we get married too quickly?”

“After five years of dating, forced by our parents. Yeah!”

“You look beautiful in this wedding dress. Red suits you.”

Ishika looked at Karan and smiled at him. They are gonna be fighting each other for life now.

“I love you,” Karan said.

“I love you too,” Ishika replied.

“Welcome to the first night of marriage.”


Story Collection - MSPM39

Story 1/39: Love, Relationship, and Justice – Pick None!

“I wish I had listened to nature and had not gone out. I also wish that there was some way for me to go back and change what had happened that night. I wish my car hadn’t broken down and I wish my boss wasn’t a murdering psychopath.

It has been three years since I died and he is the man who killed me.”

Damien looked at me with frustration and a vein-popping temper. He gulped down a glass of whiskey and then started pacing in the room.

“You need to get laid,” I said to Damien and chuckled. Damien threw a book at me which I avoided at the last second. It had been three years but he hasn’t yet developed a sense of humor about it. Then again, he wasn’t much of a joker before either. That responsibility had always been on me.

“Yeah, dude. It has been three years. Download an app, find someone and get your frustration out. At least get that vein back in your head.”

Damien definitely wanted to scream at me but then, he sighed and let out all his anger in one sweep, along with a few tears. I couldn’t make jokes any longer. I approached him tentatively and hugged him. He shivered a bit on my cold touch but held me in his arms. I wanted to feel his warmth but couldn’t. My death changed a lot between us.

2nd April 2019 was not a good day for me overall. I had a huge fight with Damien and even though we were engaged to be married, Damien was having second thoughts. About the wedding, not on the relationship! I went out to take some air and donuts. At the donut shop, I met my boss. The guy was wearing a coat in warm weather and sweating like a pink hippo.

On seeing me, his first reaction was of shock, followed by his usual dissent. I asked him about promotion this year and he talked to me about the issues with my work last week and how I should improve if I wanted a promotion next year. Can you believe him? He was talking about promotion next year. He had not even considered an option of promotion this year. That was enough to piss off a person in a good mood. I was already on the edge. Thankfully, he got his donuts and he went out before I could say something that would kill my chances of promotion at all. Soon, I went out of the shop to find my car.

Unfortunately, that’s where everything went downhill.

My poor car had decided that it was the perfect time to die on me. I could have called Damien but you know, I couldn’t have called Damien at that point in time. So, I waited for the company to pick my car. And my boss decided that life wasn’t worth living. Neither for him nor for all the people in the parking lot.

I don’t know which gun it was but damn the bullets hurt. Maybe, all bullets hurt. My expertise is only in bullets from his gun. Damien has it written somewhere in his case. I will check later.

And then, I died.

How do I know? My ghost left the body pretty much within a second of my death. And I was then looking at the corpse from around 10 feet in the air. For the next 10 minutes, I saw the horror of the massacre produced by my boss who killed twelve people and injured fifteen others while telling everyone that he hates his job, his life, and his family.

My guess was that his wife cheated on him but nope, she was an angel of a soul, metaphorically speaking. My second guess was that it was work stress, which of course he had but I always assumed that he was passing that on to me.

And I refuse to believe that my conversation about the promotion would cause him enough stress to reach this reaction.

Anyway, bottom line, I was hovering, my boss was killing and my body was blissfully at rest. And there was no God or Devil coming to take me. I decided to try to get in my body once again. I mean, what’s the harm, right?

It worked, sort of. I didn’t live again but I was able to possess my body and animate it. The wounds are still there, not healing but I have taped them up so no blood oozes out. I apply all kinds of antibacterial and antifungal creams every day so that my body is not eaten by them while I move around.

I had to relearn moving, talking, and living again because trust me, a soul inside a body is a completely different experience than a soul possessing a body. I have great respect for all the souls which possess a body and immediately start walking, talking, and fighting like it’s second nature to them.

Three years, since the case of my boss, is ongoing. Even though he is obviously the killer. That’s how slow the justice system works. Also, because there is only one witness and he’s not cooperating with the system.

There were no cameras in the parking lot and my boss did manage to leave the gun and the location before the police could arrive. A few people identified him and that’s why he has a case on him but except for one person, no one could be a witness with enough certainty to actually get him behind the bars. Hence, the case had been stretching for the past three years.

“Let’s practice again,” Damien said. Damien had immediately recognized that something was wrong with me – the way I walked and the way I talked to him. I was honest. I showed him the wound and told him everything that had happened. It had taken him almost a week to get over the shock. Even though I was there, I was gone. My body was cold and fragile and I was only ever able to focus on either moving or talking. Slowly, I learned to fool people around but he saw the trouble I was going through to keep the facade. He decided to take the case to ensure that justice was served to the man who killed me. Who killed our chance at happiness.

“We can’t make a case of your murder on him Sujat. And we can’t call you dead in the court. You know that, right? You are going there as a witness who survived.”

“A witness who will probably die as soon as he goes to jail.” I murmured.

Yes! I was the ‘difficult’ witness. I was the person who was delaying my murderer’s punishment even though it was hurting me more than I am willing to accept. But, I was already dead. I didn’t want to be gone forever, especially from Damien’s life.

Inspired from reddit prompt – [WP]- Three years ago you were killed in a drive-by shooting, but no one knows yet because as a ghost, you’ve possessed your body. You’ve fooled most everyone but you know you can’t keep it up much longer. You refuse to rest until justice is served to your murderer. [Link]

Random Tales

The Final Moment

There are times when I feel that death is a difficult choice and not the easy option everyone talks about. It’s true that once you die, there is no burden left. However, the moment between your death when you have taken the plunge, both metaphorically or actually, stretches long and you get to see all the realities that are possible. Your mind gives you solutions to the problems you had been struggling for years and shows you the paths it had buried deep inside. Perhaps, it shows this as a last-ditch effort to save itself, not knowing that it’s too late. In that blissful and terrible moment, you see all the people who would miss you, all the people who would be affected by your life, a life you considered fruitless, futile, and frivolous. This is the moment that makes death hard.

Yes, it’s easy to die but death doesn’t come easy to anyone, least of all to people who actively seek it. You can’t escape the pain allotted to you and if you try to cheat, if you try to reduce the pain over the years, it will all come concentrated in that single moment. The good thing is that it’s a single moment, right?

Maybe. But knowing that things could have been better, if only we had thought harder, fought harder, even ran away and then come back stronger, is perhaps the greatest regret of all time. The pain might end after that one second, but experiencing all that pain isn’t a choice, it’s life.

Now, please take a step back so that I can experience that single moment.

Said the man in glasses to the audience before jumping off the roof.

Random Tales

Forever, together

Rama was alone in the house, thinking about Javed, shivering with anger. ‘How could he leave her like that?’ her mind looped back to this single question.

Rama and Javed had started dating two years ago when Javed had asked Rama out , knowing full well the differences between them, not just in their religion but their financial status, family values, and health. Rama came from a rich, albeit dysfunctional family – parents divorced, brother an addict – not to discount the troubles of being a woman in her society which still saw her a secondary character as compared to her useless brother. Javed was from a more modest background. He had reached the college through hard work, scholarship, and education loan. His whole lifestyle was focused on saving money to send it home to his parents whom he loved more than anything else and who loved and protected him with the same intensity. Javed would often laugh that his parents would even fight Allah if he ever found himself facing his wrath.

Amidst all these differences, Rama barely understood why Javed asked her out. They had known each other for just a few months and wary of her past relationships, where the guys were only interested in a casual relationship, she refused. Javed persisted.

“I like you. I don’t want to be your friend and I’m not going anywhere. Deal with it,” he had said one of the times when she had tried to gently turn him down. It took almost a year for Rama to finally agree. It didn’t take long for them to move in after, all differences forgotten.
Three months ago, more than two and a half years after they had met and more than one and a half years after they started dating, she asked him about the future.

“Where are we going?”

He hugged her and said – “We are going into the forever, together.”

She smiled and hugged him back. Soon enough, she talked to her parents about him. His parents already knew about her, everything about her. His mom would often call her to take her advice on the newest fashion or to know what Javed was doing. In comparison, there was furor, drama, and tension at her house when they found out about Javed but Rama and Javed prevailed. They convinced her parents that the differences of religion and status will be immaterial against their love.

“I’m so happy,” Rama said poking her stomach with a needle before her meal. “When will you come?” She asked Javed. Javed was going home to officially talk about the wedding.

“Three or four days, max. I can’t be without you more than that,” he said and hugged her.

That was a week ago. Yesterday, Javed came back, his face ashen, his grin forever faded, with a few new grey hair.

“What happened?” Rama asked, his stress infusing into her. Javed gave a small non-committal ‘it’s nothing’ and went to sleep.

Today, Rama came back from work and found a letter and an almost empty apartment. All of Javed’s belongings were missing. She opened the letter. Her expressions changed from shocked to enraged, tears flowing from her eyes, her fingers curling into fists.

‘I love you Rama, more than anything in the world. And my parents love you as well. They adore you and think that you are the best thing that has happened to me. And you know how open-minded they are about religion, caste, and financial backgrounds. That is why I was shocked when they told me that they don’t want us to get married. I fought them, asked them for the reason and we had extended discussions. The truth is that they don’t want a daughter-in-law who has a chronic disease. I’m sorry that I can’t go against them. I’m sorry.’

Rama crumpled the note. Wasn’t she honest with her illness? Couldn’t they say this two years ago when he first told them about her? Didn’t she convince her parents? She looked around the empty apartment through tear-filled eyes, his words echoing in her head –

‘Forever, together.’